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Login timer for legend of dice not working

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  • Login timer for legend of dice not working


    Since yesterday, the login timer for the event "Legend of Dice" is not working properly.

    Yesterday I had to stay connected for 9 hours before the last timer was counted (time checked with premium login timer). The other login timers (premium and Login event reward) are working and I got the rewards.
    Today, I am already connected for 1h and 6 min, I got the corresponding rewards for premium and Login event reward, but the Legend of Dice reward is still at 0 min connection time...
    I already have tryied multiple log in/out, but it's not working...

    PS: it worked fine on the first day, maybe before the special maintenance...

    Edit: after some "tests", I manage to get the timer if I do leave the event area and also do not change channel. It is as if changing channels reset the timer (my impression)
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    I have the same problem


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      same here. The stacks of the dice helper won't charge for 60 minutes and so even If I've already accessed the game for more than 3 hours
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        same here can't get the last 2 dice even accessed more then 3 hours


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          If it helps, me too. It stops charging after 60 min since the beginning of the event even though the connexion time is way above 3h.
          I can share screenshots if needed.


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            We have the same problem, however, I was able to fix mine by doing file check on the launcher, and the easiest way is to not to change channel, changing character and account log out for 3 consecutive hours.


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              I have the same problem