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SEA Region Servers Not showing

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  • SEA Region Servers Not showing

    In-Game Character Name : Ragule
    Region : SEA
    Server Name : Noria
    Date & Time of the bug occurrence : Wednesday, April 04, 2018 - 7 PM

    Full detailed description of the bug you are experiencing : I am a new player recently started playing before the maintenance i was playing fine...but after the maintenance all the servers were gone both Legacy and New server Ohrdor and Noria i have been trying everything i can to get it fixed but nothing works(reinstalled,re-downloaded the game,file check repair) everything but nothing is happening
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    I am seeing a pattern, old accounts work, new ones don't/


    • Ragule
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      well shit if you ask me worked really hard on getting level 65...and i don't think i can redo that...

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    i'm the same you.
    After maintain i don't see severlist.