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Game onStartUp problem

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  • Game onStartUp problem

    Hello and good afternoon!
    Today i downloaded the new patch and everything went smooth until i tried to log in threw the launcher and start the game.
    I enter the username and password (I tried 2 different accounts) and then i get the verification box. I get verified and the game start to load.
    After few seconds the game pops up a message "Game hack has been detected". Since yesterday i haven't changed or downloaded anything new to my computer so it's probably something with your system guard that blocks me now.

    I play the game since the opb just saying.. (I'm a fan player ;D).

    Please give me a clue on what might be the problem and how to solve it?
    Just to give you a point of view, i googled for a bit and i found that another game had this issue for players on steem when they had a mouse software for special mouses. Now i do have a MIONIX mouse for few years but idk if it's the problem here... Link:

    Please let me know what do you think or even pm me just so i wont be paranoid about when you're gonna give a solution for this problem .

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    I do not have a mouse software, yet same problem appeared after update.

    "Game hack has been detected"

    There is a topic with mixed connection problems in Discussions forum, but I believe this is the right place to report and having a topic for this specific error is good too.


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      Well i found my razer game scanner service on task manager and disabled it. Error still occur "Game hack has been detected"...


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        I have the same problem. I dont use hacks. Waiting for fix


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          Same stuff with me .. "Game hack detected .." tell me what so i can stop it ffs...


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            I am having the exact same issue suddenly... after today's update.


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              Try following this thread:

              Lots of useful information.