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Fair Play into the 3vs3 Arena

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  • Fair Play into the 3vs3 Arena

    Hello Warriors,

    I am here today with an announcement regarding the fair play (or the lack of it) in the 3 vs 3 PVP mode.
    The 3 vs 3 is a co-op mode available from lvl 65 to everyone in game via the Mission Map interface (press B to access), it is activated for 1 hour every 2 hours and users can do Individual Requests in order to play the matches, with teams being found automatically.

    Our team has noticed an increasing numbers of reports for this game mode, where players are abusing different and consecutive matches according to the team set to them. By "abusing" you can understand: being AFK on purpose or not playing "naturally".

    Ensuring fair play is a priority and such practices are liable for account ban.
    Players who feel as they had been affected by it should send a video to our support ticket trough this link:

    Support will analyse the tickets and penalties will be applied as the following:

    First Occurrence - Warning Ticket
    Second Occurrence - 1 day in game banning
    Third Occurrence and Towards - 3 days in game banning per confirmed report.

    We sincerely expect to see a better fair play from now on.
    Best regards,

    MU Legend Team