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[Chakram Event] Token expiration

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  • [Chakram Event] Token expiration

    Hello Mutizens,

    We are aware of the issue regarding the expiration of the Chakram Tokens. Since a few days ago, you are not able to exchange those tokens in the NPC Reira, and we said that the end date to do that it would be on May 8th.

    We have to apologize for the issue, but since we need a maintenance to fix this matter and we are just one week ahead of the end of the event, we would proceed as follow:

    If you have the amount of Tokens in order to exchange for an item, please, send a ticket to customer support in English including the item that you want, you nickname and server. Our team will take special care of your request and we will deliver the item by mailbox in-game. When you create the ticket, you need to select the "General" option.

    Soul exp potion - Qty: 30 Chakrams
    Magic Gem 10K Box - Qty: 30 Chakrams
    Evolution Stone Fragment - Qty: 55 Chakrams
    Set Guantle Box - Qty: 45 Chakrams
    Set Helmet Box - Qty: 45 Chakrams
    Set Shoulder Box - Qty: 45 Chakrams
    Set Chest Box - Qty: 45 Chakrams
    Set Pants Box - Qty: 45 Chakrams
    Set Boots Box - Qty: 45 Chakrams
    Shine Enchatment Weapon Ticket +7 - Qty: 120 Chakrams
    Shine Enchantment Armor Ticket +7 - Qty: 120 Chakrams

    The operation will be doable until the 08th of May. Any query sent after this date won't be validated for an exchange operation

    Best regards,
    MU Legend Team.