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  • Facebook Login Function

    Hello MUtizens,
    It seems that we're experiencing issues with the Facebook Login on our Website as well as in our Game Launcher. While we're trying to fix those problems, we can't be sure when they're going to be fixed.
    There are still ways for you to Login to the game so don't be worried.

    1. You know your Account name and your password: Use it.

    2. If you do not remember your account name check your inbox (also the spam box) of your email address that you are using for Facebook as well. Maybe you can find the email from Webzen there sent on the day where you have registered your account, your account name should be included there as well. You can also use this Link: to request either your name or your password.

    3. If you can't remember your password, you can simply use the Link above as well:

    WEBZEN Portal | Support Portal
    The "B" stands for "BETA".

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    Hey MUtizens,
    the Facebook login function is fixed, you can use it again to login to the game and/or the website.

    WEBZEN Portal | Support Portal
    The "B" stands for "BETA".