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Patch Note 06/02/2018

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  • Patch Note 06/02/2018

    Hello hello!

    Here is the link to today's patch-note.

    Devs focused a lot on the Dark Lord bug. Unfortunately they didn't manage to fully solve it in time for this maintenance.

    I leave you to your reading!

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    i'd disable the full skill ( horse) while you dont find a final fix for it.


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      What about the real issues?

      1. Monsters/Team mates not visible on lupa - when you are entering floor on lupa very often you can'y see anything except own character - very common issue, even on a monster PC.
      2. Monsters in Blood Castle - ignoring your character and going to bridge, thier attack range is bigger then 2 screens.
      3. Heath Mine - after opening chest, Key Keeper is not showing - you need to leave dungeon and enter again.
      4. Warmage teleport (this one with invisibility) - even if you use it you will get hit and if it's deadly hit your grave will be in the place you wanted to teleport. So it should not work at all and grave should be in place where i was or it should be miss and i should be safe in destined place.
      5. Warmage Bloodfest - you are not invicible when when damage/skill is on his way to hit you (but did not hit you yet), invincible is just not working you will die in a middle of skill execution.
      6. Reconnect system, to avoid being kicked from game in room of duty dungeons/epic when you get single packet loss as entry is limited, game should attemp to reconnect.

      And some configuration changes:
      - Its pointless to go for Epic dungeons just to get from cubes many blesses/legendary items.
      - Remove blesses from Epic dungeon cubes as you can find it in many other places, adjust drop so more ancient/mythic items will drop, you will make players happier - yea that matters as for now game is already dying due to stupid mechanics.
      - Enable Red Zen AH. To get RedZen we need to buy them first from you - and as you are failing hard with bots/zen sellers i see no reason why its blocked.
      - enable Trade - as above - you are failing to fight bots and you are making this game unplayable as i can't even give items to my friends that are not in same guild yet.

      That's just a few simple ideas... Hope you really want to develop this game and get income from it. Hope your target is not to kill this game as i have a great potential.


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        Originally posted by Spit3k View Post
        What about the real issues?

        2. Monsters in Blood Castle - ignoring your character and going to bridge, thier attack range is bigger then 2 screens.
        No need to leave dung, just go back to chest and wait a little bit until red to appear on minimap in circle. Still bug tho.