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    Patch note | 27/02/2018

    Dear MUtizens,

    Today we held our regular maintenance and we did not have many changes today.
    As we already announced on Sunday, we changed the Faction War schedule according to your Feedback. From this week on, the 1st phase of the Faction War starts on Thursday.

    Since the 14th of February, many of you were experiencing issues with their connection due to issues in regards to the connections and disconnections from our US Servers. We want to clarify that we are aware of this matter, but, this issue is something that isn’t affecting MU Legend alone.
    Many other companies have stated as well that their servers hosted in the east coast of US are experiencing the same ISP situation.
    Understanding that the firsts being unfortunately impacted are our US players, we would like to alleviate your frustration for not having been able to play in the best internet conditions during that period.
    Even if we are not responsible for those ISP disconnections and outage of services, we would like to offer our US players a gift that could accommodate your play time for the next week.
    Today, in the US server’s shops, the US players will find after the maintenance, a “Free 7 Days Golden Service Ticket” available in the Legend Shop. Furthermore and since these servers were not affected as much as the US servers, we put a 1-day Gold Service ticket to the Legend Shops on the EU and SEA servers.
    On any server, these tickets will be available for 1 week (until the next maintenance) and onlyonce per account.
    While we are not the ones able to improve the ISP outage of services situations, we will closely look after the IDC disconnection issues. We send our best encouragements to the IDC companies will they are working on the situations.

    The maintenance is already over, we hope you'll have a lot of fun on the continent,
    your MU Legend team