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Patch Note 23/01/2018

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  • Patch Note 23/01/2018

    Hi everyone,

    The Patch-note of today's maintenance has been posted. Here is the link:

    Server has been restarted, some bugs have been fixed.

    -Still no fix for the Dark Lord.

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    Thanks for the info! (and posting it here )

    Thus no cat photos again? I was expecting a killer pose. -.-

    Nonetheless, any news for the Faction War time? The survey will influence the next week`s War?

    Also, theres any chance for clarification on the Whisperer fix for the summons? Earth Elemental covers 2 weapons, the eagles and the wolf summons, kinda lost were the buff landed.

    Best regards o/


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      And words about Pots Bug after this patch?


      • Zehyll
        Zehyll commented
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        That is apparently from today (at least I only heard about it this morning), so it was not an issue before the maintenance. It has been reported and we are waiting for a feedback from the studio to know if it's intended or not. We will update you once we get an answer.

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      We applied a hot fix and Potions should now work as they used to.


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        "- Fixed an issue with War Mage's "Danse Macabre" skill."

        Well this is not true.. Danse Macabra bug was fixed at the day of Faction War patch. And i am sure that you didn't even realize that becouse you are just translating and applying patches from kr version. So why do you pretened that you fix something that has been already fixed?


        • BowPeace
          BowPeace commented
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          What was the issue anyways?

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        I'll use this post for an update:

        There were no patch applied this week. The maintenance was just about restarting the servers. Which mean no changes, no bug fix, and... why the Dark Lord bug is not fixed yet.

        I said somewhere in one of the post that is should be fixed with the next maintenance. I apologize for the false hope (that is why I should never announce something before it does happen :/).

        So it SHOULD be fix with the next patch applied, which SHOULD be next week. But Now I am afraid to annonce anything^^.


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          Zehyll you are in really bad spot man but at least you are trying Well we all know how "fixing buggs" of korean games works..