It's time to unload your backpack!
Zen transactions are returning to the Auction House!

This Thursday, November 30th, from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. GMT (2 hours), we will be performing maintenance in order to re-enable the Zen transaction feature in the Auction House.

However, Redzen transactions, mail exchange system and the player 1on1 trade will remain temporarily suspended as investigations are still on-going.

After the maintenance on November 30th, you will find the Auction House unchanged in its frontend mechanism, whereas the backend setup has had its security parameters boosted.

The Redzen section of the Auction House is also benefiting from these protective actions, however the 2-week-long investigations targeting the fraudulent operations are still on-going.

We have been continuously taking solid and irrevocable measures against thousands of abusive accounts and practices.

Meanwhile, our portfolio of "dissuasive" tools have been adjusted to counter malignant behaviors and we have drastically reduced their appearance in-game.

As you may have observed, our measures have silenced the majority of the goldsellers and tackled waves of bots, after their accounts were shut down.

Again, our investigations and overall actions are still on-going!

As a consequence, the temporary suspension of Redzen transactions in the Auction House must remain while we pinpoint and disarm the fraudulent operations and their operators.

We are working continuously and with dedication to reinstate Redzen functionality in the Auction House.

We will keep you posted regarding our progress on this topic.

Confident in our system since the success of our cleanup operations, we're holding a Golden Week event for the whole community that will begin on December 22th and will last for at least a week.

Let us help you unload your inventories and line your pockets for the greater cause: You!

It will be the time to enrich yourself!

More information will be shared about this event December 12th.

Returning to the Auction House topic, our experiences managing the situation have led us to reconsider our policies and to devise the two following additions.

Below, we transparently outline our positions on two game behaviors and their consequences.

1 – Fraudulent/Suspicious Items Sold in the Auction House

WEBZEN maintains constant observation over all game services. Therefore, in order to prevent any fraudulent or malicious operations, WEBZEN can - without any notice or warning - REMOVE all items our customer support team deems as suspicious and/or belonging to a user under investigation.

If a user is placed under investigation and queries customer support, they will receive a reply stating, "Your account is under investigation. Your items and savings have been frozen while we investigate the data related to your account operations".

The best practices to avoid this situation are:

- Play in the conditions offered by the game environment.
- A third-party program should never be used. Giving yourself an unfair advantage like this negatively affects the game experience of the other players.

2 – Goldbuyers

Buying Zen with real cash is forbidden.

Therefore, all "client" accounts caught participating in goldselling activities (promoting, buying, stocking, transferring fraudulent Zen) will receive permanent and irrevocable sanctions: Entire depletion of Zen, removal of Items or termination of accounts.

3 – Use of Botting System

Using a bot system is forbidden.
Therefore, all accounts caught participating in a botting activity will endure permanent and irrevocable sanctions: Entire depletion of Zen, removal of Items or termination of accounts.

Those statements are there to ensure your game pleasure and game equity.
Fraud, goldselling and botting activities unbalance the game and are an annoyance for us and for you as a legitimate player.
And we will ALWAYS favor the legitimate player by taking any measures that will impede malicious users, who could be one of your acquaintances, your guild leader, a gaming and/or public celebrity…
MU Legend is here for us to play and to entertain ourselves with. Any kind of fraudulent activity is definitely unwelcome if we are to provide you with the very best game experience, environment and security.