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    Originally posted by RagnarostheFL View Post
    Return the money spent on the game. Did I spend more than $ 200 to block the account?
    No one made you spend $200 on a game that is in open bate.

    Anyway, thanks for the updates and I'm pleased to see the clarity in information the WEBZEN Team is providing for the players here. Keep up the good work, as a player I've noticed nothing but improvements over my time here. My disconnects have almost completely stopped, I've noticed a dramatic reduction in gold spammers, as well as bots farming. All of these improvements being made with in the short time I have been here.
    Player on server Dullahan
    Username: Kingkoya
    Guild: Apex Gamerz


    • DisconnectSadFace
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      I've bought PLENTY of games at launch, that had been available for zero days (prelaunch etc), I've spent hundreds on POE, thousands on collector editions etc etc.. Spending money in a F2P beta is how games progress, grow and succeed, and how we support them as players and customers. By having SHITTY service, servers and respect for your customers leads to people charging backs and the game ultimately failing. No one made me spend money on the game, but what do you think would happen if no one spent any money - freeloaders like you wouldn't have a game to play
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    • Macx234
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      You know why less dc? Less gold seller?
      *whispers (“its because the player base is deceasing”)
      30k accounts banned.
      Guilds disbanded
      Legit players leaving.
      If u only experienced playing 1st few wks after launch and even when the majority of botters exists u can notice fps drops in room of duty and in front of dungeons.
      The game is losing players not primarily bec of bots., but bec of fail solutions implemented to beat bots

    • DisconnectSadFace
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      100% agree - Webzen hasn't fixed ANYTHING. People quit and so there's less strain on servers. Also, people were praising Webzen for getting rid of bots while AH was people really that dumb?

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    I'd love to think that my internet is the issue, but with 1000mbs (one thousand) I can't say that I agree. AT&T Fiber has a much better track record than your company. I have not had a single outage in my area. Please for the love of god, put some effort into fixing the glaring issues. The disconnects may not effect a large portion of players ANYMORE because SO many people quit after a few days of abysmal server performance - this has been weeks in the making. Invest into your game or please just scrap it. I was going to spend another $50 on my alt for the mount/platinum pack, but decided not know why? I don't know if I am going to play another week, let alone 6 months (already have 3 month platinum). I am definitely not the only person with this sentiment. Let me explain why this is or SHOULD be important to you, and let this sink in: people with money won't put up with this bullshit - so by having terrible service, response times and resolutions, the people leaving are the people that you DON'T want to lose. See, people who have money can play whatever they want ie. I pay for 1000 mbs...would 100 be sufficient? Probably, but I can afford to have it, so I have it. Broke ass kids will play F2P games and not spend anything because they can't. If you want to make money, don't drive it off.
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      I can't even run my dailies without disconnecting and I get no credit for them. I also am not able to re-run the daily because it is classified as an attempt. Very frustrating.


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        IMO as we can see webzen is doing their best to try fix things, but they aren't doing it the right way. let me explain why.
        First of all, this is a MMORPG, people play because they enjoy playing a great game with other players, this can be w/ a real friend in real life or even a stranger,
        I believe that trade is a one of the very important aspect of MMO games, where people can give/sell items to a friend or a stranger in exchange of ingame currency or maybe just helping and this could already be grounds of suspicious trades and might get a player ban?? omg ., now heres the thing. due to webzen`s desperate move to fight RMT / gold sellers., they disabled trade, banned thousands of players who has suspicious transaction, disable AH etc.. and bec. of that they lost one of the very important essence of a good MMO.
        personally without AH/trade it made me feel like its a SINGLE PLAYER game where u play and farm on your own gear.,
        i just cannot think of any reason why they have to make everyone suffer for the sins of GOLD SELLERS / RMT when....

        - all supply of RZEN that ever existed ingame came from a valid purchase/ topup of a player.,
        that's why i believe that it is the player's right to spend it as they wish., if they wish to buy something from AH or LEGEND SHOP. whether it's cheap or expensive., from a bot or player,clean or dirty., webzen gave the players the freedom to earn rzen by their hard work. by selling items = rzen through ah/trade.
        now the biggest question i got i mind is why do webzen needs to ban a players if he/she bought something to RMT ?? is it really FAIR to ban legit players who's already item locked / full farmed have tons of rzen and just want to make a lil money$ by selling extra items/gold/rzen that the player earned through their clean hard work?

        I say it is IMPOSSIBLE to eliminate Real money trade. without losing player base or affecting the game itself.
        Ive been playing MMO for 10 yrs already i saw it in all games i played you cannot beat real money trade because that is only one of the reward of the hard working players who spent all of their time grinding /gaming. just look how successful r*gna*r*k and d_t_ 2 is. im not saying its an mmo but its a game that lets you earn a little
        u see webzen people need to earn irl too even if they area just gaming
        and lastly banning players who bought something from those who sells item/gold/rzen should not be banned because I believe those players are also a victim here they just want to get the most out of their real money.. if you really want to control the supply of rzen then tax rzen in AH.,but make the rzen cost by reopening boxes cheaper

        webzen pls hear my advice., if you want to make things work just concentrate on banning accounts who use 3rd party programs and those bot accounts used by various websites to farm gold/items with no effort. hire ingame GM they can see all of them bot sellers spamming their websites and PMing chats., and avoid banning legit players who makes a little $. and please stop your method of banning first before investigating..

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          Originally posted by ChongS
          my access to game was restricted due to management i will not bother asking webzen to unblock it. no im not hacker, my whisperer is so weak, almost no zen, garbage no more, id rather quit...btw thanks you made me realize at early stage that this game sucks. really
          Cheater's never win and Loser's always quit lol


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              Yes and you banned my account because I do not have a fixed ip ? Really ? I have completed the account checking form and still nothing, what should I think about your company right now? I play from the mu global and I was glad that it came out MU Legends I participated in CBT 1 and everything was fine now continues and here is a ban and I'm not surprised that people give up on you.

              your unsatisfied player / customer
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                Webzen, please fix server disconnection issue first. This should be the first priority!!!


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                  Originally posted by SieSIe1 View Post
                  Yes and you banned my account because I do not have a fixed ip ? Really ? I have completed the account checking form and still nothing, what should I think about your company right now? I play from the mu global and I was glad that it came out MU Legends I participated in CBT 1 and everything was fine now continues and here is a ban and I'm not surprised that people give up on you.

                  your unsatisfied player / customer
                  If u want to keep players playing to game for any phase after open Beta.


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                    Well I am all in here. I do have experience in all kinds of MMORPG, so I kinda know what to expect.

                    Although you guys have dropped the ball a little, there is still time to fix it.