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Open Letter to Players regarding different Issues

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  • Open Letter to Players regarding different Issues


    Not everybody is following us on Facebook so I thought I could share this here too:

    Hi Mutizens,

    November is slowly coming to an end and we believe this is the right opportunity to address different topics you have been asking for related to MU Legend.

    We have been very pleased with the success of MU Legend’s launch. The OBT period is particularly ideal for pointing out the operational features from the not-so-operational ones. We have adjusted right on time with the very first issue caused by the huge hype of the game regarding wait time to enter servers by opening new servers. Attracted by MU Legend popular success, our game has been targeted by the unpopular bots and gold sellers activists bringing their usual scams and cheats.

    At this moment, we acknowledged the seriousness of this issue and we had to act. This became our priority. We took drastic measures and worked literally day and night to solve this as soon as possible. Hopefully, you could see the impact of our action by noticing less and fewer bots in the game. The fight against the bots is probably never over and we will continue to work against it for as long as the game will be live. Yet we consider our first actions as a success so far.

    To continue our effectiveness, and to preserve the economy of the servers, we need to make some changes and that is why we took the decision to disable the Trade Broker, the mail system, and the Trades.

    First, let us start by saying that we know how inconvenient this is. We read all your feedback on Facebook, our forum and on Discord. We had to take this decision, even if it is very unpopular. But once again it’s a means to an end. We decided to go on with it for the future of the game, with the priority of making MU Legend just what it is: An ARPG, a game, a fun rendezvous where we don't want to see the usual virtual bullies. Ultimately, we believe that some decisions need to be taken while solutions are in progress and to ensure the proper game environment for you and for us.

    The most common question by now is obviously when will it be back? Unfortunately, at this stage, we can’t give you a precise answer by we are progressing on viable solutions.
    Applying a fix, finding a specific counter-measure is for each game a "tailor-made" patch.
    What is working for a game licence could not operate as efficiently for another.

    ISP/Disconnection issues.

    One of the other main complaints has been the instability of connections among our players. We have been working on the stability of our servers from the very first week since the release. We made many fixes and patches to improve the quality of our servers and we have been implementing them for almost every maintenance so far. We can confirm that we were able to solve issues from players from different regions, unfortunately, there are still many players with connection issues.
    This is a very tricky topic as disconnections can be caused by various factors, some being out of our reach. Not everyone has issues, and those who have issues don’t always have them for the same reasons. To identify every possible reason, many investigations must be done which is why we continue to ask you to report your problem in this thread to help us to connect the dots:
    You can also make some investigation of your own:
    Is your problem specific to MU Legend?
    Is your provider having issues?

    As you can see on the next webpage, some ISP, even the biggest broadband brand, are having issues from weeks:
    Facing those two main goals, require your assistance that you can provide by reporting any suspicious activities and by granting us time for building our secure virtual fortress.

    We are all gamers and it puts us in "Berserk mode" when we see the scammers trying to ruin our common playground.

    This is MU! We have an affection for our last franchise title which gathers people with whom you are discussing on Discord, Facebook and on the Forum and who have engaged their expertise and passion.

    Those two points are our two main sources of focus: ALL our team is entirely dedicated to those issues.
    Because we know for sure that all that can ruin your game satisfaction will ruin for sure our game lifespan expectancy, we assure you that we won't let those annoyances waste our common pleasure to play and to produce MU Legend: We have treasures of game content to deploy in 2018.
    Those are years of development on our side and hundreds of game hours on yours for a brighter MU Legend future and enjoyment.

    Kind Regards,
    Your MU Legend Team

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    Just to make sure, is this your so called post you were going to make sometime this week regarding Auction house etc? Or was this just an independent piece?


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      Return the money spent on the game. Did I spend more than $ 200 to block the account?


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        Well, it's nice to have some kind of communication with the community BUT at the same time some things are very weird with this open letter:

        - "We have been very pleased with the success of MU Legend’s launch": Seriously, all this problems and so many people left the game but the staff is very pleased? At least be honest with us.

        - "Hopefully, you could see the impact of our action by noticing less and fewer bots in the game. ": I'm also seeing less and fewer players in the game, it was sooooo much easier to find groups to make anything, and almost my entire guild already gave up on the game.

        - "To continue our effectiveness, and to preserve the economy of the servers, we need to make some changes and that is why we took the decision to disable the Trade Broker, the mail system, and the Trades.", You guys aren't preserving the economy because there isn't one right now, we don't have smart loot, we can't farm enough Zen for the endgame content be viable, and the only map we can actually gear up have a limitation of 1 entry per day (epic dungeons).

        Right now I still have hope that the game will survive, not much hope, but maybe a little, gonna give it some time, but one thing for sure, if I knew before that the AH was going to be disabled and I would have to pay a subscription on NoPing just to be able to play without disconnecting every 30 minutes I would not have bought my Founder's Platinum Pack. The game right now is super unbalanced exactly because we don't have commerce, if you spend money, well here some awesome features from Platinum subscription and Pets and Wings and Costumes and everything gives you substantial stats while the true free2player can't stand a chance, and I'm saying this exactly because I still have 100+ days of Platinum, I also bought the 5k redzen pack and can't say I'm 100% satisfied with both purchases.
        If we can't have trade or AH, at least gives us some better drop rate, which is btw broken on the Platinum, the 20% bonus on finding uncommon items simply doesn't actually work even tho it's still listed as a feature, just like everything else related to the AH.

        Another thing I just remembered why crafting on this game is worse than actually farming the item? We have mythical grades equips that we can craft but their base stats are lower than everything else we can farm from the same grade, it's insane, you need super hyper rare material just to craft this items and guess what, they are less powerful than other items, makes absolutely no sense, another thing that without commerce is even worse.
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        • Lohend
          Lohend commented
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          Regarding crafting, everything you craft is bound to you, even when AH would work there is no profit to be made there. Mythic crafting materials drops are so rare that you have full set before you manage to get materials for mythic item. Ancients are weak and bound, cant even sell them if AH would be active.
          Why would anyone make such system? This crafting system has no point besides crafting few jewels because atm you can't get them dropped. Crafting system is in this game only to drain zen from new players.

        • WinLove
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          your absolutely right +100, regarding the drop rate and crafting. about drop rate. i notice on my guildmates. he is not a platinum users but he gotto lot mythic items than me. we farm each other in SDK and AH. 2 days straight he got 4 mythic 2 lost dragon eye. and some lower mythic class. compare to me frontier platinum user. straight 7 days i got nothing. so what is the point of the bonus drop rate of uncommon items hahaha. SAD BUT TRUE.
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        Enable AH and trading game is dying. I dont see ppl online at all in Duprian. used to be so easy to create groups but now it feels like nobody plays.


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          You block the players who help you donate, and then want from your project success? You blocked a bunch of people who made you a fortune with you. you do not have evidence of fraud and would block anyone you see - the game will die if you do not fix it.


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            Don't give up guys you have to find solution for bots/zen sellers.

            I suggest to Remove Redzen AH completely so they cant benefit from it and ban all suspicious zen trades (add some kinda item points where higher item points more zen it should cost and when someone buys bless/crafting material or garbage item for hundreds of millions just check them)


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              Same story as before, you'r fighting botters/zen sellers and no results for now , oh im sorry the decreasing player base is the result.

              "Hopefully, you could see the impact of our action by noticing less and fewer bots in the game. ": I'm also seeing less and fewer players in the game, it was sooooo much easier to find groups to make anything, and almost my entire guild already gave up on the game.
              Very true for last 2 days i had to do daily mythics solo , `cuz there was like 2 ppl near the instance, the main town is nearly empty, same for room of duty, few days after the launch i had fps drops in town and room of duty I know that a publisher needs to make money, and as every greedy company this is your main goal, you blocked every option of trade so the only way to get Rzen is 2 buy them directly from you, but tell me who will buy your currency if noone will play the game ? War agains cheaters/botters/gold farmers is the one that can't be won. You are affraid that when you open trade and mail ppl will buy rzen from gold sellers ? you can bet they wil cuz your prices are an absurd, 10 Euro=1000Rzeen=costume for 30 DASY ????????????????????????????????? wtf ?????? why is selling "expire time" item's these days,? Webzen pls cut the crap cuz you don't give a f..k about players, only MONEY count's, your's working days and night ? pfffffffffff pls , just read the forums you have like 10 different ideas how to deal with this sitiuation, just make it happen, try few ideas, some of them are good and can deal with the problem. Ah yes, almost forgot the whole "open letter" is a pathetic try of holding the players leaving the game, your working so hard, and you ask for some trust and patience, it will be better in the future, but still no dates, no ideas, no specifics, if someone have and IQ higher than a peanut butter sandwich will know what the whole open later is for. Over and out.
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              • Macx234
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                +1 to this,, i totally agree

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              This open letter is a joke, someone should be fired for this inaction and incompetence. Staff should take responsibility for this failure, who takes responsibility for lost players and revenue? Cashing in 30+ eur/month (to be competitive in pvp) for a broken game is a crime.

              This "letter" answers 0 questions community has.

              Guilds are being dismissed, players are leaving, refunds are made... Not a single step to convince players to hang around. Weeks of inaction, Mods who have no qualifications or training, Community managers who haven't even reached level 65 in their own game?
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              Vote with your MONEY! Don't buy broken content


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                Zehyll Using Facebook for announcements is the worst idea ever, no other gaming company does it. You have an official Discord with 1500+ users.


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                  Am I the only one that after reading the following

                  Originally posted by Zehyll View Post
                  The most common question by now is obviously when will it be back? Unfortunately, at this stage, we can’t give you a precise answer by we are progressing on viable solutions.
                  Originally posted by Zehyll View Post
                  We decided to go on with it for the future of the game...
                  got the impression that we should not expect returning of the AH in the nearest future?

                  Currently there's simply no possibility to progress (especially for a solo player like myself):
                  1. the only opportunity to gear up is 2 epic runs 1ce a day. And they give you just: attention
                  A. a CHANCE for getting a piece of equipment that has
                  B. a CHANCE to be of the class you are playing with
                  C. a CHANCE of reasonably useful stats.

                  Oh, and this can actually happen only if your CHANCE to get into a party that at least have chances to beat these difficult dungeons was successful, and the run itself was successful. But, again:

                  1st: what reasonably-geared group would help an under-geared player (they, like we all do, want to have their chances as high as possible - since currently there's NO way to gear up but these 2 epics 1ce a day)?

                  2nd: what chances do these under-geared players, when grouped together, have to beat the dungeons?

                  So, it's a vicious circle: right now to be able to run the epics players need... emm... to run the epics. And no alternative. It might be bearable with a reasonable loot policy but not in the light of what was said above - that even if you are bloody lucky to get an epic drop from the cube (their opening cost - in correlation with impossibility to earn gold enough to sustain your play process at the minimal possible level - is another grain of salt in the wound); it, in 99%, will not be the one you might - not even want but at least might - accept (mostly being an item of another class)).

                  2. Apart from the epics, the rest progressing options are either limited to spending RedZens (pets) or give too little bang for a buck in the short run (like improving wings (earning approximately 15-20 growing stones a day from ET (provided you are a platinum player)) or just raising your soul level which demands in terms of experience are growing progressively (in order to maintain its noticeable growth (of at least 1-2 levels for a 3-4 hours playing session) one has to run M3+ and higher and they are not in trend for groups and are too difficult to struggle them solo).

                  To sum it up, I was waiting for re-opening of the Broker in order to improve my GS (or CP) and be finally able to start succeeding in epic runs and further perfect my gear but now I feel that I've just wasted it. Or was wasted, xcuse my little pun.
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                    I have abig problem with banning accounts without justify or letting the player now that will be banned, i am banned for no reason almost 4 days now .... i sent a ticket and all that they can tell me was :"escalated" i did bought platinum and redzen to improve my chances to be on the top players, cause i have work and i cant play during the week days ... i dont know if this section is for complaining but after 3 days, lost from my platinum, and 2 tickets i want to say i am really thinking to leave the game with my friends.
                    have good day !


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                      Forget about the disconnection issue. We are going to get disconnected. Add a re-connection button...

                      If you are in a group and doing a dungeon run... bam... someone got disconnected.... We can not kick them or find another player... And they can not reconnect into the dungeon. I so baffled as to why this game, doesnt already provide this feature. 2018 is almost here...

                      Does the Korean version has the same issue? Players can't reconnect?


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                        English learning club recruiting friendly players Our website and discord


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                          What about banned accounts without reason?