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[IMPORTANT] Update on purchasing Redzen!

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  • [IMPORTANT] Update on purchasing Redzen!

    Hello community,
    First of all, let us express our gratitude towards all of you who are trying out MU Legend's OBT!

    We are delighted by the number of players and the dedication you, our community, are showing us. We are impressed and very grateful for that.

    Today we would like to address Redzen purchasing issues raised by a few of you. First of all, it is important to state, that not everybody is affected by this. So in case you are having issues with purchasing, this is the right forum thread for you.

    While we are happy with the overall state of Redzen purchases we heard the ones among you who have raised their issues and are not only investigating those rare issues but are also immediately working on solutions for them.

    That being said, we have identified 3 remaining issues at the moment which we would like to share with you:
    • Paypal purchase Redzen not received
      • We are working on Paypal purchase approvals on a daily matter, but due to the amount of requests, we are encountering a minor backlog at the moment.
        • In case your Paypal account is sharing the same email address as your Webzen account, the approval process is no problem.
        • In case your Paypal and Webzen email addresses are different, Webzen will send you an outbound ticket which you can access on our website after you have logged in with your account. Please follow up on the outbound ticket if you want your payment to proceed.
      • Some players, who have different email addresses for their Paypal and Webzen accounts have not replied to the outbound ticket which means their transaction is pending. There are a few unapproved Paypal transactions from 7th to 10th November which we will refund to the users.
    [IMPORTANT]: If your Paypal and Webzen email addresses are different, please immediately follow up on the outbound ticket we have sent to you!
    • Creditcard purchase Redzen receival delayed
      • Due to the high amount of purchases, the receival of Redzen purchased by Creditcard (or bank transfer) can be delayed by 10 to 30 minutes! In case your Redzen did not arrive after 30 minutes, please send us a customer support inquire via: .
    • Karmakoin purchase Redzen not received
      • We encountered an issue with Karmakoin purchases. This issue has now been normalized. We are still working on processing the last few purchases and you should receive your Redzen within the next 24 hours. Apologies for this delay. In case you are planning to do a Karmakoin Redzen purchase from now onwards, please wait for 30 minutes until the Redzen are credited. In case a new purchase is not credited within 30 minutes, please send us a customer support inquire via: .
    • Paypal purchase Redzen not received #2
      • We have identified another issue with delayed Paypal purchases. Some users encountered delayed top-ups in the timeframe from 10th to 12th of November. Those are being currently worked on and should be credited to you shortly.

    In case you encounter any other top-up issue while purchasing Redzen which is not listed here, please send us a customer support inquire via: .
    While we work very hard on answering your tickets as soon as possible, please have patience with us. Some replies could take up to a few days.

    Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards,
    Your WEBZEN Team