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[TROUBLESHOOTING] MU Legend : Common Issues and FIX

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  • [TROUBLESHOOTING] MU Legend : Common Issues and FIX

    Hello Mutizens,
    We are aware that the installation will not be easy for all, so here is a non-exhaustive list of the issues that you might encounter with the possible fixes:

    Installation/Client Operation Related Issues : INDEX
    1. Freezing while installing client
      or Failing to operate client with error message pop-ups
    2. Game lag due to HDD overload
    3. Other issues

    [Issue 1. Freezing while installing client
    or Failing to operate client with error message popping-up]

    1. It freezes when installing client.
    1. Files are missing after installation. Generate error messages popup such as ‘api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll’ when starting the game
    2. Compatibility with few softwares/AV can enter in conflict with the installation. (Mainly due to OS environments)
    - DirectX (d3dx9_xx.dll, xinput1_x.dll)
    - Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2010, 2015 (msvcp100.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp140.dll, vcruntime140.dll)
    - Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows (api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll)

    1. Install DirectX if the error above appears as pop-up. (insert link)
    2. DirectX should be automatically installed with the game if your computer meets the minimum system requirements ( WinXP(32-bit) SP3 or Win7(32-bit) SP1)
    3. Install ‘Update for Universal C Runtime in Windows’ manually.

    [Issue 2. Game lag due to HDD overload]

    Game lag with good PC specs

    High possibility of being caused by overloaded HDD

    Figure 1. HDD is reaching its limit while CPU has enough resource

    1. In case other programs besides our client are running and consuming too much resources
      • Turn off the other programs (VoIP can be quite consuming, turn off any torrent downloader if you have one running)
    2. Check the last windows update, as it can slow down your computer if not installed.
      • Run the accumulated windows updates
    3. In case malicious code or many background processes are slowing down the computer
      • Virus scanning with antivirus/anti-malware
    4. Certain vaccine programs, including Window Defender, MSE, slows down the computer and cause massive lag while simply checking the viruses. (Especially on Win 10)
      • Turn off Window Defender and other vaccines OR Handle exception for game folder which MU LEGEND has installed OR Install another vaccine program
    # How to add an exclusion/exception to Windows Defender #
    1. Go to Settings and Select Update & security > Windows Defender.
    2. Under Exclusions, select Add an exclusion.
    3. Select the Add button, navigate to the file, folder, or process, and then select Exclude this file.
    # How to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 permanently #
    1. Tap on the Windows-key to open the Start Menu.
    2. Type gpedit.msc and hit enter.
    3. Confirm the UAC prompt to continue.
    4. You find the setting by following this path: Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender.
    5. There you find the policy "Turn off Windows Defender".
    6. Double-click on the policy.
    7. Set the state of the policy to enabled in the window that opens, and click ok to save the changes

    # Game DVR function from Xbox application #

    Steam has announced ‘DVR function from Xbox application’ actually slows down the computer.
    Please kindly check the below links.

    [3.VPN restrictive uses]

    Some users are asking or using VPN. Regarding the uses for this third party program, here are our standings:

    For Billing Operation: we would like to let you know that if you are using a proxy server that masks your IP address or if you are using an internet service provider that allows you to mask your IP address, you can lose our customer support service as your account can possibly be flagged for fraud.
    If you are trying to mimic another locale’s IP address to access products not currently available in your country, your account can be flagged as fraudulent as well.

    For technical solution: If the use of an internet service provider facilitate the download/patch of your client, we won't see your account as fraudulent in this specific case.

    For playing session accommodation: If you wish to join another Server Region using a VPN, we won't see any issue. However, you could lose the Customer Support services as you are not using your real IP address which is a cornerstone for our assistance to intervene.

    1. XINPUT_3.dll Error message
    Cause: Certain file was missed while updating to win10
    Solutions: Install ‘Direct End-user Runtime’
    Download URL:
    1. In case of general error, please try to repair your client via the Check Files button on the Launcher.’
    1. If you issue is not spotted here, please extract a DxDiag and contact our team for help
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  • TywarCodex
    Originally posted by Dalvani View Post
    Okay, now I'm bummed.
    I was happily playing 'til yesterday, but now my mouse cursor just doesn't show! I can still move and click stuff, I just don't where and what I'm clicking. I did a file check, didn't fix!
    Anyone else has this problem? Better yet, anyone got it fixed?
    Hey i have the very same issue and find really useful procedures in case you got an invisible mouse cursor (for any game) on this link :

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  • BioAfterlife

    Olá Boa Tarde a toda Equipe e ao Suporte, estou tentando ser mais um novo jogador de Mu Legend, mais estou passando por um problema sera que vocês poderiam me ajudar? Já baixei o jogo até entrei na tela de criar personagem umas três vezes mais todas as três garrou me fazendo sair e entrar novamente só que na quarta vez que entrei ficou na tela Play e não sai não acontece nada fica só nessa tela gostaria de saber o porque...?

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  • BioAfterlife

    Hello Good afternoon to all Team and Support, I'm trying to be another new player of Mu Legend, but I'm going through a problem, can you guys help me? I already downloaded the game until I went on the screen to create a character about three times all the three garrou me making me leave and enter again only the fourth time I entered was on the screen Play and not leave nothing happens only on this screen would like to know the because...?

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  • Nightznero
    The issues from First CBT is still on....
    I m playing on WI FI and dont tell me to better swap it into a normal net,In every single game if ur net loss connection u gotta warn like ''attempting to recconect'' MU u have to out of whole game...Can You fix it lol? Its tottaly making me angry...

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  • WooeR
    Hi, I'm stuck with loading screen any help?

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  • Goltebbb
    commented on 's reply
    i saw some suggestions in facebook page of legend, they said to adjust the date and time of your PC in real time.

  • Onairdax
    im using win 8.1 64bit i installed the game in steam. when i press start the button in launcher and nothing happen.. please help me i want to try this game in steam app.

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  • Rinleez
    Yo Webzen, you should troubleshoot your own game first.

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  • BowPeace
    commented on 's reply
    nope. what server are you on?

  • Paydon
    hi is the game down?

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  • Bysio87
    commented on 's reply
    did you used Escape teleport button (beetwin Options and Exit in Esc Menu?)

  • Borgmann
    I am stucked on selection char screen after get disconnected in arena 3v3. When i select my char, the game freeze. I already open a ticket, but no answer until now.

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  • BowPeace
    commented on 's reply
    Have you tried this?

  • Chararatbham08
    Network error occured can i fix it?

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