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Read here first! Common issues/questions answered!

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  • Read here first! Common issues/questions answered!

    Hello all,

    As the OLD archived forums are no longer accessible, the below is a compilation of the old technical section (As well as other community answers I've gathered & will continue to gather so thank you everyone for your input!).
    If your issue still remains unresolved please post in the appropriate FLYFF section and hopefully someone will reply to your thread soon.

    Post 1: Contents

    Post 2: Account issues
    • 5 digit login error codes
    • Lost items
    • Verification email
    • Hacked (Restoration)
    • Forgotten details/changing emails
    • Bans
    • Missing characters (2011 Purge/2011 Merge)
    • Account sharing
    • RWT
    • Scammers
    • Wcoins (Oops an error has occurred!/Not received/Stuck on Country/Name CC details)
    Post 3: Technical issues
    • Mac Version
    • Windows 8/10/Virtual Machine Compatibility
    • Banned countries
    • Cannot connect to game/Crashing/Error Logs/Missing files (.dll)
    • Slow PC boot up (Microsoft guide)
    • Flickering Mouse
    • Timing out when connecting
    • Adding Flyff to exceptions list/Crashing
    • Patch error codes
    Post 4: Game issues
    • Stuck ingame/Collector field
    • Screen Black/Not loading
    • Bug or game exploit found
    • Invalid Access(2) EU in-game shop error message
    Post 5: Useful Tools
    • Ccleaner (Delete history/Registry/Startup management)
    • Malwarebytes (AntiMalware)
    • Spybot Search & Destroy (Anti Spyware)
    • (Check your internet speed/ping)
    • HijackThis (Produces system error logs)
    • Dxdiag (What your system is lacking)
    • Mozilla Thunderbird (Prevent emails being deleted by inactivity)
    • Total System Care (PC optimizer)
    Post 6: Conflicting Programs
    • Game hack found


  • Cheriesaurus

    Game Hack Found

    If you're getting the Game Hack Found error when trying to play, it means you have a software conflict with Game Guard.

    Generally this occurs when software on your computer prevents Game Guard from doing it's job.

    Most commonly, its a firewall/internet security application. Things like Black Ice Defender, Zone Alarm, and Antivirus applications like McAfee, Norton, Panda etc...

    Hopefully this will help you solve your game hack found issues!

    Programs that Cause Game Hack Found
    * Fujitsu Update Navi - (used for Fujitsu Laptops)
    * PhpDesigner
    * NetLimiter2
    * Windows Sidebar (while on XP, NOT VISTA)
    * Steam (Launching from inside of stead as an added application)
    * Macro Software/Hardware (Keyboard macro's etc..)
    * Zone Alarm Firewall
    * Ares Chatroom Server (Chat functionality inside of Ares)
    * ESET Smart Security (Doesn't always conflict, but currently conflicts with FlyFF)
    * IOLO System Mechanic (System Guard Add-on)
    * Threatfire Antivirus
    * Emsisoft Mamutu AntiSpyware
    * Hamachi or VPNs
    * Razer Synapse Software
    (Disable Data Tracking)

    Known Blocked Applications (from Wikipedia)
    * ATI Tray Tools
    * AutoHotkey - (Created hotkeys do not work)
    * AVG Anti-Virus - Making many of the tray tool components report error.
    * cFosSpeed - Detected as a game hack if "Traffic Shaping" is turned on
    * Cheat Engine - Detected
    * Eclipse - Does not start while GameGuard is running; works if it is already running on GameGuard initialization
    * EZ Macros - Reports as a "Game Hack"
    * F-Secure Blacklight - Causes the software unable to scanning for rootkits
    * Filezilla - (Reason unknown) Causes the software to crash
    * Freenet - Closes Freenet node without warning.
    * Logitech G-series Keyboard Profiler (Profiler is required to use G-keys and any features) This software is no longer blocked.
    * Mal Updater - (Reason unknown) Makes the software freeze and impossible to use
    * Media Player Classic - Media doesn't play correctly and ends up crashing
    * a-squared Anti-Malware*Motherboard Monitor - (Reason unknown) Causes the software to crash
    * NetLimiter - Detected as a game hack, even if you stop the service and kill the process
    * Ollydbg
    * Outpost Firewall Pro
    * Process Explorer

    * Proxifier, ProxyCap, Aventail Connect and probably any SOCKS tunelling software - current version of GameGuard in Mu Online reports as a "Game Hack".
    * Razer - Mouse drivers (mouse buttons mapped to keys will not function, scrollwheel ceases to function)
    * Steam (content delivery) - Launching game through Steam, GameGuard reports Steam as a "Game Hack" and shuts down the game)
    * SpeedFan - (Reason unknown) Core2 sensors report -27 degrees Celsius, Voltage and RPM drop to 0 when game is launched
    * The Core Media Player
    * TokyoShot Screenshotter - (Reason unknown) Making it impossible to use the mouse for captures
    * Tsearch
    * VNC. Almost all VNC servers, such as RealVNC (does not block or shut down, but disables input)
    * Vue Series Rendering Software - (Reason unknown) Attempts to close the software without further notice, if GameGuard is unable to close it the system freezes. Results in loss of all unsaved data and currently render progress.
    * WhatPulse
    * WPE Pro
    * Xpadder
    * Zboard

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  • Cheriesaurus

    Ccleaner is a program to allow easy cleaning of temp internet files/obsolete registry entries and also managing startup programs.

    Malwarebytes is an Antimalware program that will pick up malicious items on your PC that your Antivirus may not - It is recommended to use this should you have any troubles logging into the game that are not account related.

    When installing Malwarebytes please UNTICK the "Start premium trial" option at the end of the installation.
    If you experience lag a lot, that's a good way to get information about your connection.

    Go to
    Select the SAN JOSE (CA) server (this is where FlyFF is hosted)
    make sure your Latency (LAG) is less than 100ms

    This tool comes with windows and tells a lot about your system setup. If Flyff runs with a very low framerate or won't start up at all, that can be used the identify what your system is lacking.

    Click "Start" -> "Run" and enter "dxdiag".
    When it's done running the check, click the "Save all information..." button.
    Open the file you saved and post it using [code] tags.

    If you experience problems with Gameguard shutting down or "Game hack found" errors and tried other above methods try this:

    Download HijackThis:
    Do a system check and post the log file it opens using [code] tags.

    Spybot S&D
    Is another well known program for removing Spyware and Malware from your PC. Since Gameguard might have a problem with Spyware (or Malware) running, it could help in "Game hack found" cases too.
    Download Spybot S&D from here:

    Mozilla Thunderbird
    This program allows you to add multiple emails in the one program to allow quick and easy access to your inbox to all your emails.
    This will prevent any emails being deleted due to inactivity as it will access your email every time you open the program. You can download it on Mozilla's site here:

    Total system Care
    PC optimization program

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  • Cheriesaurus

    Help! I'm Stuck!
    If you're Stuck in a big blue area, or a desert, or in a town you aren't familiar with, please do the following:

    1. Press O on your Keyboard.
    2. Press the 'teleport to nearest town' button.
    3. Wait 5 minutes.

    Please note this also works whether you are on a board or not, should you be on a board make sure your speed is 0 km and try again.

    If you are stuck and can't move in the collecting field, equip the collector and try to collect or teleport to town and try equipping the collector and pressing collect outside the field.

    Screen not loading when entering instances (Marketplace/Arena/Dungeons)
    - There is no current perm fix for this, please do the below to lower the chance of it happening:

    1. Turn OFF the minimap/navigator by pressing N (This alone usually fixes it but if it does not try the others)
    2. Use Madrigal gift before entering
    3. Turn OFF as many interfaces as possible such as pet interface

    4. Turn off players name > options > video
    5. Zoom in before entering

    Bug or game exploit found
    Should you discover a bug of any kind, do NOT "test" this bug and report it IMMEDIATELY here (FLYFF > Report an Exploit) Abusing or using a bug may result in a ban.

    Invalid Access(2) EU In-game Shop Error
    Your character may be too low level to access the shop in-game. Try logging into a different account or using a higher level character to purchase items from the premium shop.

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  • Cheriesaurus

    Is there a Mac Version/Dual Boot?
    There is no Mac version at all.
    Flyff works under a Windows Operating System... Some newer Mac computers can dual boot into a Windows Operating system and under those conditions Flyff may work just fine.

    Will Flyff run on Windows 8/10 or on a Virtual Machine?
    Virtual Machine: FLYFF should be able to work as long as the VM is set up correctly.
    Windows 8/8.1: You should be able to use Windows 8 fine, just try to run it as admin.
    Windows 10: GG patch was applied 11th of August 2015 and should now work without GG closing the client.
    If you do still have issues it may be caused by Avast so a solution to this is reverting avast to an older version or uninstalling and using another.
    Steps to revert Avast:

    Uninstall Avast.
    Download Avast (older version)
    Restart your PC.
    Disable Firewall. (YES, YOU MUST DO THIS.)
    Install older avast version.
    Set the update service to "Manual".
    At some point you'll have to insert your license key again if you have the paid version.
    re add exclusions for flyff.exe, neuz.exe, and gameguard.des. Try to play flyff again.
    Remember to turn your firewall back on.

    Why is my country BANNED from US/EU Flyff?
    Due to licensing, the following countries are IP Banned from our Flyff Service. Each one of these countries has their own Flyff service.
    The Gala-Net staff will not be aiding in the transfer of characters/accounts.
    If you are from the following countries, you will not be able to connect to US Flyff:

    Japan, Korea, China, Thailand or Taiwan

    "You cannot connect from outside the service for flyff"
    if you get this error message instead, then the IP, your ISP is outside of the service area, that usually means your country has been IP blocked, and you must play on your local country or nearby countries FlyFF servers

    "Cannot connect to the game. Please check network." OR Crashing Issues
    Doing any of the below is at your own risk, no one else will be held accountable if something goes wrong. Advice is given by the community and is in no way official technical support.

    1. Close all other programs
    • Close all programs
    2. Make sure you launch the game as an administrator of the computer
    • Right click Flyff.exe and run as admin
    3. Delete your Temporary Internet files manually (Or use Ccleaner)

    Windows 7:
    • Open Internet Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, and then clicking Internet Options.
    • Click the General tab, and then, under Browsing history, click Delete.
    • Click Delete all, click Yes to confirm that you want to delete this information, and then click OK.
    Windows 8/10:
    • Open Internet Options by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, and then clicking Internet Options.
    • Win 8: Click the Safety button, and then click Delete Browsing History. Win 10: Click the "Delete..." button under the Browsing history section
    • Select the check box next to each category of information you want to delete.
    • Select the Preserve Favorites website data check box if you do not want to delete the cookies and files associated with websites in your Favorites list.
    • Click Delete. This could take awhile if you have a lot of files and history.
    4. Scan your computer for Viruses AND Malware
    • Majority of players experience this because they have MALWARE that their Antivirus did not pick up, please download and scan your computer with Malwarebytes - At the end of the installation please untick "start premium trial"
    5. Add Flyff.exe/Neuz.exe to your Antivirus/Firewall exceptions list
    See below on how to do this, as it is slightly different depending on the antivirus used

    6. Reset TCP/IP
    7. End unnecessary processes in Task Manager(Control+ALT+DEL or Control+SHIFT+ESC)
    • Delete processes you do not need running or do the below
    • Everything with SYSTEM as User Name EXCEPT the below [May cause system instability]
    - dwm.exe
    - explorer.exe
    - taskmgr.exe
    - taskhost.exe
    There has been a known compatibility issue with "nVidia Backend" process in task manager that causes error logs to pop up.

    8. Check the game portal for announcements of a currently running server maintenance which would prevent you from logging in

    Should none of the above work, please see below for more solutions

    [Account related Connection Problems]
    1 - Have 2 accounts ready
    2 - if you can not connect with the main account, try to login with your 2nd account.
    (there is a known issue sometimes after logging out you can't log back in with the same account, quick fix is to log in with another account, that will clear the connection of the previous logging)
    3 - if you have a low end computer, select Server 2 or 3, of each cluster when logging in, most people have problem going into Server 1 due graphic lags

    [NIC related Connection Problems]
    1 - Run Client in Window mode
    2 - After you start FlyFF, and already in the Logging screen,
    3 - Check your network card, GameGuard is known to disable (turn off) your network card for some PC and Laptops, specially the ones using RealTek / Intel chipsets.
    4 - re-enable your network card if necessary.
    5 - try to login again, it should work now

    [Wireless network related Connection Problems]
    1 - Wireless network are very susceptible to interference, main sources of interference are:
    - wireless home phone
    - cell phone
    - bluetooth devices
    - ham radio
    - wireless mouse / keyboard
    2 - once you have established a wireless connection make sure it is stable, trying the LAG test will give you a good indication. (see the "Time Out section" for details)
    3 - if your wireless is stable, and the internet is working properly for you, but you are still unable to connect, then try the steps listed in the "NIC related" section

    [Time Out related Connection Problems]
    1 - if during the login screen you get that error message, check your internet connection for latency.
    2 - { LAG test }
    go to
    Select the SAN JOSE (CA) server (this is where FlyFF is hosted)
    make sure your Latency (LAG) is less than 100ms
    for example:
    3 - { HOP test }
    Another great utility is this freebie here
    just download the Free Lite version, install and run it from your PC, then plug in the address:
    and it will show you the LAG in between and the ISP route your internet is using to reach FlyFF

    Note: ignore the last message that says "The host could not be reached" it is normal due the firewall.

    if you LAG (latency) is more than 150ms you might experience some LAG spikes, and there is nothing we can do about that, it is your location. if your LAG is over 250+ms it's futile, you'll most likely experience some lag, and might experience frequent DC if the lag is around 500ms

    [Adding game to Antivirus exceptions list - Gameguard Errors/Crashing]
    Depending on your antivirus you will need to add flyff.exe/nuez.exe to your exceptions list

    Advanced: Make sure the Game Launcher and Client are allowed to access the internet (check your Firewall settings)

    Norton Antivirus

    is known to classify GameGuard as a Trojan/virus. To prevent it from causing problems, please follow the following directions

    1. Right click on Norman SecuritySuite and select Open.
    2. Click on "Antivirus & Antispyware".
    3. Under "Antivirus & Antispyware" select "Exclude List".
    4. Where it says "Exclude files from scaning" type this in C:\Program Files\Gpotato\Flyff\ AND/OR C:\Program Files\Webzen\Flyff\
    5. Click ok
    6. Finally Click on "Add To List".
    7. You should see under "Exclude" C:\Program Files\Gpotato\Flyff\ AND/OR C:\Program Files\Webzen\Flyff\
    8. Try to play Flyff!

    McAfee Antivirus

    If you have McAfee Antivirus installed and while playing FlyFF you are getting “Game Hack Found” error messages from GameGuard, you may have a conflict related to the McAfee Redirector service.

    Please try this to see if it helps.

    1. Click Start> Run.
    2. Type in msconfig and press OK.
    3. Click the Services Tab
    4. Find the service labeled “McAfee Redirector Service”.
    5. Uncheck this service, and hit OK.
    6. Windows will ask you to restart your PC to confirm this.
    7. Select yes, and restart your computer.
    8. Attempt now to play flyff and see if you still get game hack found message.

    If you don’t get the message, you’ve solved your issue; however, your McAfee security Center may not function completely as a result. To ensure your computer is fully protected, please re-enable the Redirector Service once you are done your flyff session.
    Gameguard will now no longer flag as a virus.

    Gameguard issue ''game hack found'' can be due through McAfee redirector service (if you use that). Just type services.msc in command line and search McAfee redirector service.. stop that one and retry.

    Kaspersky Antivirus

    If you have the Proactive Defense enabled in Kaspersky, you may get errors from Kaspersky that a root kit is running and that it is malicious. To add FlyFF to your trusted zone list, please follow the following steps:

    1. Right Click the settings icon in the task bar on your computer, and select "open Kaspersky Anti-Virus"
    2. Click on "Protection" on the left hand side.
    3. Click on "Setting" on the top right corner.
    4. Select "Threat and exclusions" from the left side list which is under Options.
    5. In the right part of the window click the Trusted zone button.
    6. Select the "Trusted applications" tab from the top.
    7. Click on Add
    8. Check all 4 boxes in properties
    9. Click browse and select "Browse..."
    10. Navigate to your flyff folder (usually it's C:\program files\gpotato\flyff\) or C:\program files\webzen\flyff\) and select FlyFF.exe
    11. Click ok.
    12. Repeat Steps 5-9 but choose Neuz.exe
    13. Click ok.
    14. Click ok so all Kaspersky windows have been closed.
    15. Try to play flyff!

    AVG Antivirus

    Open AVG
    2. Go to Tools
    3. Advance Settings
    4. Resident Shield
    5. Exceptions and add the blocked program to the list.

    AVAST Antivirus

    For the Standard Shield provider (on-access scanning)
    1. Left click the avast! icon in the system tray (located at the bottom right of the screen near the time)
    2. Choose ’Standard shield
    3. Use the ’Customize’ button >
    4. Advanced tab
    5. Click on the Add button then find the blocked program.

    For the other providers (on-demand scanning):
    1. Right click the avast! icon in the system tray (located at the bottom right of the screen near the time)
    2. Click "Program Settings" Exclusions tab and click on the Add button then find your blocked program.

    Avira Antivirus

    1. Open your Avira and go to Configuration
    2. Expert Mode > Guard > Scan > Exception. Then type in the box (processes to be omitted by guard) the blocked program then click "add".

    Microsoft Clean Boot guide

    A clean boot is performed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when you install a program or an update or when you run a program.
    Microsoft guide on reducing what starts up with the computer here

    Flickering Mouse

    To fix this problem go to your Flyff folder usually located at C:\Program Files\Webzen\Flyff then right-click on Neuz.exe. Select properties and click on the Compatibility tab. Then mark the check box labeled "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" then apply and ok. Run the game and your mouse problems should be fixed.

    FlyFF Patch Error Codes

    Make sure you have a working installation of IE (internet explorer) as the game will make use of wininet to do patching and network lookups and without a working IE installation you will not be able to patch properly.

    Patch error "C:/Programs Files/Flyff/mscv80.dll, mscvp80.dll, etc."

    If you receive this error on EU Flyff you can copy/paste the .dll files from the U.S folder to the EU folder and repatch.

    OR Need to have Visual C++ 2005 installed so here is a step by step.

    1. Go to
    2. Download and install vcredist_x86.EXE, even if you have 64bit Windows.
    3. Run patch and retry

    Code: 12007 - You need to add flyff.exe to your firewall's exceptions list. If its already there, remove it and re-added as flyff.exe may have changed after a patch and your firewall has detected the change in checksum.

    Code: 12007 result: 2 - You will want to make sure that you are NOT automatically obtaining a DNS server and instead setting it up so that you are "Using the following DNS server addresses" with your primary and alternate DNS to be and or (if that doesn't work) you can use and OR and There is some more information here

    For instructions on how to do this, please visit the following links:

    For Windows XP users: (Follow steps 1-5)
    For Windows Vista users: (follow steps 1-3, and 6)
    For Windows 7 users: (follow steps 1-3, and 6).

    Code: 12029 - Flyff client is unable to reach the patch server. You need to add flyff.exe to the execption list of your firewall. If itis already there remove it and re-add. Also turn off any antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-adware, spam-blocker, ad-blocker that may block the client from making a network connection.

    Code: 12029 result: 2 - Start Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Reset

    Code: 12031 result: 7 IE may be trying to use a Proxy so:
    Open Internet Explorer >Click tools >Select Internet Options >Click the Connections Tab >Click LAN Settings >Uncheck every box that is > checked in LAN Settings > Hit OK a couple of times, exit IE and retry.
    Also if you have more than 1 active antivirus working, please uninstall or turn one off.

    Code: 12002 - Please retry your attempt to patch as the patch server may be over loaded at the moment. If may require retrying at a time when the patch server is not overly busy.

    Code: 12002 result: 7 - Can happen when newer patch version is available or update is available, which means some data is not included in your old patch which will not connect to server. Try uninstalling and reinstalling from the download page to get the latest version.

    Code: 0 Result: 9 - Try closing Neuz.exe in Task Manager
    - File corruption - installation path preventing new patches from being uncompressed and applied successfully, removing temp internet files or restarting can fix this.- If the above is not successful try reinstalling the game.

    Code: 2 Result: 2 - You need to turn Internet Explorer Back to ONLINE MODE from OFFLINE MODE

    Code: 5 result: 6 - Please make sure you are using an admin account to run the game and that its the same account which installed the game unless you've grant the admin account you are using read/write access to the gala-net/gpotato folder and all its sub-folders.

    Code: 0 result: 4 - The server may be down, usually occurs when there are alot of connections trying to patch FlyFF. This may also occur if your having some firewall/internet problems. Usually fixed by waiting sometime, or restarting. Also try restarting modem/router.

    Code: 5 result: 6 - Please make sure you are using an admin account to run the game and that its the same account which installed the game unless you've grant the admin account you are using read/write access to the gala-net/gpotato/Webzen folder and all its sub-folders.

    Code: 0 result: 7 - Restart the patch client

    Code: 0 result: 9 - File corruption has occurred in the installation path preventing new patches from being uncompressed and applied successfully. If the corruption is in the temporary download folder, a removal of all temporary internet files and windows temp files follow by a reboot will fix the issue. If the corruption is within one of the game folder so that the corruption has create a hidden but not overwriteable file, then a completed uninstall and reinstall is needed as tracking down the location of the file is not very simple. Running chkdsk /f usually will fix the problem.

    Code: Denied - Please log on an Administrator account on your computer to run the game. Or give access to your own primary account.

    Createprocess failed: Code 740 - Please run the game as admin > right click flyff.exe and run as admin

    Code: 183 result: 4 File not found - Wait 10mins and try to repatch

    Initialization fail (Error code 114)- Please read and try these steps from the Gameguard site

    Code: 183 result: 4 File not found - Wait 10mins and try to repatch

    This is not a valid Win32 Application - The ‘Not a Valid Win32 Application’ is triggered due to multiple reasons such as:
    - Unsuccessful program installation due to damaged disc/CD
    - Corrupted or incompatible file (Reinstall)
    - Hard drive is loaded with bad and invalid entries (Use registry cleaner from Ccleaner or
    Total System Care)
    - Malware invasion or viral infection
    (Scan computer with Malwarebytes and Avast)

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  • Cheriesaurus

    Please note: no one on the forums can assist with account issues. A ticket will need to be sent to Customer support by going here

    Error Codes when logging into the game
    90106 - Wrong password
    90105 - Wrong ID/account name
    91605 - Wrong ID/account name
    90305 - Suspended account - Please send a ticket
    here if you do not know why or the duration
    91611 - Wrong password or account not merged fully from gPotato to Webzen
    91615 - Account needs to be merged - log into the forums for this

    If you need to merge your account on the forums from gPotato to Webzen - Follow these steps
    If you have forgotten your password/ID/email - Please go here

    I did not receive my verification email!
    Please read through this

    I haven't played in a while, I've forgotten my details (ID/PW/Email/PIN)
    (Also applies to changing email to a new email due to losing your original email to inactivity).

    Please read through this, you will need to send a ticket asking for your account details.
    Once you have received your details, you may need to merge your account from gPotato to Webzen - Follow these steps here

    I was banned, why?
    Please send a ticket to customer support as opening a thread on the forums will not help and is against the forum rules, you will need to send a ticket to find out what happened. However they do not always disclose the reason why.

    I logged in again after a few years and my characters are gone?
    Please make sure you downloaded and logged into the correct server, there is now a U.S and EU server (EU went live Dec 2nd 2014).
    The EU server only has Clockworks server available which will not have your old character on it and U.S characters cannot be transfered to EU server.

    On June 8 2011 the server merge for U.S was done, make sure you select the correct server that you remember your character being in.
    Pre Merge Lawolf Aibatt Mushpoie Mia Clockworks Glaphan Kern Demian
    New Names Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan Kargo Yetti (PK server)
    Channels 2 4 4 4 2
    If you log in and find your characters missing there was a purge of characters under level 60 on 2011 May 31st:
    Any characters level 14 and below (Vagrants) that have not been logged into within the past 6 months will be purged.
    Any characters level 39 and below that have not been logged into within the last 365 days (1 year) will be purged.
    Any characters level 59 and below that have not been logged into within the last 2 years will be purged.
    Any characters level 60 and above WILL NOT BE LOST.

    However! If your character was over level 60 it should not of been deleted during the "purge" Which means your account may of been hacked during your absence (Spyware & Password tools may of been used to get your details after so many years without you knowing)

    You can send a ticket to customer support if you have a question about this, however character and item restoration is no longer possible. It is advised to start fresh with a new and non compromised account.

    Characters/Items lost (Restoration Request)
    Webzen will not be able to restore deleted characters or items, this includes items lost because of the account being compromised and hacked. It is a players responsibility to keep their account safe by regularly scanning their computer for Viruses and Malware and NEVER EVER giving out their account details.

    I was hacked and lost items/characters
    Due to new policy updates by Webzen they will not be restoring lost items/characters if a player gets hacked. It is a players responsibility to keep their account safe by doing the below.

    Please send a ticket to customer support & IMMEDIATELY change your account password and pin.

    How to prevent it from happening again:
    Unfortunately there is no guaranteed protection from all past, present or future viruses. Security companies constantly try to keep up with hackers as they continuously alter old virus codes to make it harder to detect, or create new viruses and code algorithms to successfully enter your system.
    Nevertheless, you should do the utmost to protect your computer and private data. Some protection methods are:
    • Keep your antivirus scanner up to date;
    • Keep your operating system updated so all emerging security loopholes are being closed;
    • Get software that can track down and remove spyware programs. (Such as Avast/Malwarebytes)
    Spyware is software which is installed covertly onto computers to secretly gather information on the user(s) of the computer, and transmit it to advertisement companies or other third parties, including hackers.

    Is it allowed to share a Webzen account?
    Account sharing is not allowed as it can lead to unfair advantages in some games; it can also result in the loss of items/characters on the account or even the account itself.
    In almost all cases, account sharing leads to a report of a compromised account, in which case the affected account will not receive any item restoration from the Customer Support and could result in a ban.

    Is it against the rules to purchase characters or items ingame with real world money?
    Yes, should you witness this ingame please send a ticket here under FLYFF > Report a player.

    I was scammed, can I get my items back?
    Unfortunately asking for an item to be returned to you due to an unfair trade or scam is not possible. A player is solely responsible for making sure that both agreed items are in the trade window before pressing accept.

    I purchased Wcoins but never received them!?
    Please allow up to 2-5 working days (Not weekends) for Wcoins to be processed and added to the account. All purchases need to be checked for authenticity as a security measure.

    I receive an error when purchasing Wcoins?

    Oops an error has occurred!
    Any payment done via a VPN/ Proxy or a flagged static IP will be automatically redirected to this error.
    Turning off a proxy/ VPN and reset your static IP address will fix this issue. You can reset an IP address by unplugging your router for 2 minutes or more.
    You can also clean your temporary internet files and cookies, if you have any difficulties you can check our FAQ on this topic:
    If your issue is still not resolved, you can create a ticket in the Wcoin category.

    Stuck on country, name of Credit card details:

    Solution 1:
    UPDATE Special Characters have been added If you have special characters in your name (like ø), try it again without the special character (for example "o" instead of "ø")

    Solution 2:
    Before following this guideline, please clean your temporary internet files and cookies.

    To resolve this issue, you have to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
    Choose your payment method (credit card), your amount, then once you are on the billing page, please follow the step by step:
    1. When on the billing details webpage:
    2. Right click then select "Inspect Element"
    3. ​In the bottom window, you will be able to find different lines with tr style="display:none;"
    4. You can right click and select "edit" for all the "tr style="display:none;" then remove/delete it.
    5. You will see the original Billing form appearing while you are deleting the elements.
    6. When you finished you can fill the billing form and click on continue.

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