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    can we check the wiki and point the issues? Can mods give us info of hp or attack or so of the mobs?


    • Jorge121610
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      Hello ACDNEO,

      Yes, I wish that this information could also be added. There are still a lot of monsters whose HP or attack information should be added on Flyff Wiki.

      I think regulars players can help with that, though. Maybe we could write down Health points of mobs and send them via email (at least an average HP)?

      Or, maybe the game moderators already know this information (Flyff game creator's database). It could just be taking them a long time to add it. Lastly, they might not think it is that important for us to know.

      However, I think it is important for us to know this kind of info. Please help, Wiki Task Force!

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    Dear WTF Team,

    Hello. I've found something that is worth emphasizing. I think it is good to emphasize that Swords, Shields and Armor that is pierced can break even from the very beginning. Therefore, Scroll of Gprotects should be used from the beginning.

    This can be found at the very bottom of this link, under "How to Old Style." However, it is a small bullet point that I think should be written in bigger font, or mentioned earlier.

    Thank you!



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      Andere webseiten behaubten dies währe ein AOE- Skill.
      Other Websites say that this skill is AOE.


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        New jewelry sets
        Guild Siege times
        Boss drop lists

        If I get a chance to find out the correct info I'll edit this to show it :P


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          Guardian weapons can be farmed from giants starting from the Nutty Wheel, not Driller. Also guardian bow stats are not updated in wiki.


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            Hello @OblivionHeart

            Thks for your suggestion, gWeapons has been updated in wiki .
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              Starting over from a fresh start, haven't played in decades and I noticed that Gold Rush part 2 never triggered. Wondered if there was a reason why the chain of quest never continued? Maybe it was cause I attained my class and changed to it, if that's the case its a little dumb, but I guess it is what it is.



              • Len45
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                As stated in the wiki: "Quest Requirement : Be a Vagrant level 1~15..."
                Most quests have level or job requirements, or both.

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              I have noticed that the Curus set for the Assist has need to change some of its component monster dropping it. For example I dropped the Curus Helmet from a Rock Muscle. I've dropped Curus Gauntlet and Curus Suit while Fighting Giggle Box, just don't remember which dropped which. I would love to help update the Monster Drop of items cause I love fighting them to make them drop stuff. I could also add that the Giggle Box dropped me a Niz Gauntlet which isn't marked.


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                Hello RenkorG, thank you for your help, I will update it soon! And if you find new information it is always welcome.