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    the miss bug is a result of the misposition bug where your character stops registering damage because it doesnt think you are in range. i belive this because characters like rangers dont have this same problem. where as blades who crit and the crit triggers the misposition bug on knockback and then proceeds into the "miss" bug


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      Today while buying Perin my game crashed and caused me to loose 1,400,000,000 Penya. I was trading with the bank npc in flaris to turn my Penya into Perin
      when i selected OK to confirm i was buying 14 Perin the game crashed, When i relaunched and logged back in I found that the 1,400,000,000 Penya was gone with no additional Perin in my inventory..... 1.4 Billion gone like that from a damn Glitch


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        Issue with Not receiving Refund from Guild house bid after Auction was over. Lost the guild house and didn't receive my refund of 140b.
        Lykan Server, Splinterz (character name) on 3/17/19
        Spoke with other chars they received theirs.
        Bidding guild is Aggresi0n.

        Hi Team, my previous ticket #358227 was not resolved - I do not understand how other players are supposed to assist me with a bug that occurred in the game, which resulted in me not receiving the Penya that I had used to bid on the Guild House after losing. Discussion with other players on Discord indicates that they got their Penya back for the same bid, but I haven't. This issue occurred on character Splinterz For the guild Agrressi0n with the bid i made of 140b. This Perin was a combination of members of my guild and would like to refund them their share back. Splinterz

        this is my Ticket complaint that i submitted and it referred me here as well as discord channel.
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