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[Connection Issue] How to Port Forwarding the game

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  • [Connection Issue] How to Port Forwarding the game

    Hello guys,

    I want to port forwarding Flyff, how to setting it?

    because my local ISP's connection was stop processing patch the client and error code pop up
    saying "ERROR CODE 12002 RESULT 2", again and again, even after all the troubleshoots on CPU/modem
    according issues guides on this forum.

    This is my first issue/problem with the game, previously no issues/problem about the game whatsoever.

    The only successful ways are using other internet connection such as hotspot 4G celuler and VPN.
    it successfully connected and login's screen pop up. This following screen is when using VPN connection

    I have try all of these but no luck:
    - Make exception on Firewall and AV
    - Make DEP (Data Execution Prevention) setting enable or disable
    - Clean uninstall, delete manually and then redownload US or EU version of the game
    - Restart modem or reset modem (20mbps fiber's connection with no router)
    - Format CPU's drive, reinstall windows, redownload and install the game but won't continue to patching

    Are there some ways to manage the connection without renting VPN?

    Thank you, i'm sorry about my english. Peace!