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Issue with loading certain textures I asume.

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  • Issue with loading certain textures I asume.

    Hello, I've been playing flyff again lately but I keep bumping up against an error in what seems to be loading a certain texture that doesn't exist, when I look at my crash log
    The specific line I'm talking about is:

    "(ERROR) LoadTextureFromRes(224): Model\Texture\part_malehead.tga not found
    (ERROR) CTextureManager::AddMaterial(131): Model\Texture\part_malehead.tga texture bitmap"

    All the textures in the Flyff folder are .dds instead of tga, and neither does a non numbered 'part_malehead' exist in it.

    Should I look for support through other means or does someone know what this problem is?

    The steps I take when this occurs:

    1 Start the game
    2 Stay in place or move around
    3 When taking action like pressing an in game button or moving to a new area where it loads new people, it crashes.

    It seems to happen less If i keep my camera tilted to a certain side. And this usually mostly occurs in Server 1, flaris city, ofcourse.

    I think more people have this issue but can't figure out what is happening or just added a dummy file or something.

    I would like to know what to do about it, thank you