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Returning player after 10 years

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  • Returning player after 10 years

    As the title says, I logged in with the username and password I used so long ago and it asked me to update my account, so it took me to the webpage. I'm 100% certain is was US gpotato which held the Lawolf server. Typed in my username and password again and got the message:

    'This account is not subject to account transfer/merge, or the username and password do not match.'

    Just to be sure I clicked the forgot username and password links but I got the 'Please enter a valid e-mail address' message. So I'm stumped, do accounts get deleted after such a long time away from the game? I'd really like to visit my old characters, one being a 120 Hero that I spent many hours on.

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    Accounts never get deleted , it happens often when people choose a different account ID for their merged account, but still use the old one to access the game which obviously doesn't work. But no way to know for sure without account information.

    Please send a ticket to the customer support and we will fix your issue.