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2019 Merge Guild Siege - Mechanics & Requirement Suggestions

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  • 2019 Merge Guild Siege - Mechanics & Requirement Suggestions

    Hi US Siegers,

    As we all know merge is coming soon and one of the main things that a lot of us is looking forward to is Siege. So I just wanted to get your guys thoughts.

    Any suggestions or ideas that you guys might have will be much appreciated. According to Klaig this is one way to voice our opinion.

    For me here's what I would like to see.
    • Increase guild participation cap.
    • 2 Siege per week (According to Klaig he's been trying to push for this)
    That's all I got. I'm pretty sure you guys got more.



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    If they make it so it’s 2 a week they should make it so you can only join once a week, and increase the time to join a new guild to 4 days to make it so you can’t join a new guild to siege twice a week.
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    • Hyaton
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      I guess the point of having 2 sieges per week would be that players can actually siege twice per week? Imo your proposel woud defeat the purpose of having a bi-weekly siege

    • Jammey
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      I thought it was for more people to siege

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    Here are my suggestions:

    - Actively playing in the Guild Siege is ridiculously expensive. You need gear thats close to top-notch and also you need sooo much expensive consumables. Therefore it makes a lot of sense that participating / winning at Guild Siege gives you a reward. Though I would say the current rewards for winning Guild Siege are fairly bad. Doing PvM is very lucrative and without much investment you get a ton of value from it. 10x 7d Dark Devils cloaks are nice, but it surely doesnt help to fund your siege expenses. The (N) consumables unfortunately stack with the regular CS, such that it doesnt help funding the CS either. My suggestion:
    Put a permanent worthy prize for winning Guild Siege. For example a permanent Dark Devils cloak or similar. Make the (N) - CS from siege coin shop not stackable with the rest and add in more of the hard-2-get and pricey CS.

    - We all agree that Guilds that apply for Guild Siege just to afk outside and get a free siege coin or enter and just afk inside siege arena defeats the purpose of siege. The siege participation rewards have to be set up in a way such that there is absolutely no incentive for players that do not actively participate in Guild Siege to apply. Hence a couple suggestions to fix this:
    Only award Siege Coins to the players of a guild, if that guild scored at least X points, where X is a number thats chosen appriopriately... for example somewhere between 10 and 30.
    Only award Siege Coins to the top 3 or 5 or so scoring Guilds.

    - A Guild that wins siege twice consecutively is currently excluded from the Guild Siege the next week. But you can still just leave and join another guild. Hence that rule/mechanic is both pointless in its current implementation, but also bad in its intend. You do not wanna limit the amount of players that can participate in the game. Even if you think just one guild wins all the time. It's a competitive game and certainly you do not want guilds to purposefully start losing (maybe even feeding another guild late game) only such that they can participate again next week.


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      - Currently there are many cheats available. Looking at beadstack, auto-charge-hack, disconnecting other players, feeding your own team by logging noobs to enter and letting your own arcas farm it etc. Needless to say, fixing as many as possible of them would be great. But that certainly wont happen. So at least Id like GMs or MODs to watch siege and make sure as well as they can that cheats wont be used. We all know that after merge people will literally camp Kalgas dungeon for ages to win the next siege, especially if the reward for winning will be changed into something good. In that sense, talking to especially Piccolo and Klaig here, it would be great if you enhance your knowledge of Guild Siege and learn the ins and outs of it, to be able to accurately and without mistake determine who cheats and who doesnt. Im saying this as many cheaters we are still going unpunished (mostly looking at Moco and Lykan here) whereas legit players were wrongfully banned due to a misjudgment of the situation by the ticket support team. Also apparnetly you "have to prove your innocence" rather than "innocent until proven guilty", which is a very bad way to handle things.
      Therefore Id like it very much that the Webzen team improves their knowledge about Guild Siege and with that improved knowledge help to make it a fairer place.

      - Prophylacticely I'd like to say that balance-wise not much has to be changed. Currently Jesters and Psykeepers are too weak and probably could use a buff.. (for jesters only a slight buff tho). And Arcas are probably a little too strong. And before you guys start typing like madmen, yes, BPs are a strong PvP class. But are a terrible PvM class, which very much balances that out. Arcas on the flipside are very strong in PvM and PvP. And Jesters/Psy are both weak in PvP and PvM.
      Heres my ranking of siege-strength by class (based on my opinion as a 6-year-long active sieger): 1st and 2nd place are shared by BPs and Rangers. Then after a slight gap there are the Arcanists. Then after a very big gap there are Blades/Jesters and everything else is probably not worthing noting and not at all viable in siege. (Not even Seraphs).
      PvM-wise the order would be: 1st/2nd is shared by Arcas and Blades. After that Rangers and Seraphs (Seraphs level slow but are good at farming) and all other places a very very weak. Jesters and BPs probably share last place due to lack of any viable AoE-spells and abysmal 1v1 Dmg.
      In conclusion: When crying out for "balance pls!!!!!1111", consider FlyFF overall.. PvM and PvP. In that regard most classes are fairly balanced. Except for Psys needing a big buff. Jesters... and maaaybe Knights needing a small buff and Arcas defintiely needing a nerf (mostly due to their PvM strength).

      - Raising the number of guilds that can apply from 8 to 12 would be nice. Why exclude Guilds that wanna play but arent in top 8? Fuller siege is more fun for everyone.

      I guess thats it for now, if I can think of more things, I'll add them later. Hopefully this even gets read by Piccolo/Klaig and if they do forward any of the suggestions of modified suggestions, it would be nice, if they can confirmed whether or not they read and noticed the arguments and whether or not they forwarded anything (and if so what?) to GALA.

      Happy FlyFFing everyone.


      • IFervidus
        IFervidus commented
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        12 spots probably won't be enough considering all this feed guilds. We will have about 11 to 14 average to stacked active guilds once we merge. That doesn't even include the 5-10 feed guilds.

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      I think changing the coin mechanics to only give coins to scoring guilds would be nice, but that'd require more development, I'd rather they changed the rewards from the coin shop to only supply (soul-linked) relevant/useful siege consumables to reward siegers while demotivating non-siegers.

      Also, I think increasing guild sign-up cap is a bad idea, flyff is already bad performance-wise, allowing even more guilds than the current 8 inside siege would create a lot of performance problems, not allowing anyone to siege properly with possible disconnects, FPS issues, characters being invisible at certain view angles etc.


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        Sieges are dumb, alot of duped gear in this game, Ive seen sets with lines on lines of 20+str and 18%icd ect. Remove all consumables so it goes off your build not how many cookies and gumballs you can spam. Make some sort of community hosted guild war tournaments with prizes givin out by webzen. 1v1 tournaments for 1-120, 60m-120m, 15H and UP. This game needs more pvp events where everyone can participate. All of this could be done with a simple creation of a discord for people to join who want to participate in these 1v1's or bracketed guild war tournaments.


        • Jammey
          Jammey commented
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          A lot of people have gear that good from spending a lot of money also. And getting rid of cs would kill the game because it gives penya to newer players which without they could not improve their gear without spending a lot of money

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        I hate to say it but I agree with Hyaton, also regarding those "feeder" guilds ; if they don't score a minimum of 10 points so they don't get coins and the coin cs remains soul link but ( even better ) NON stackable ; the way a lot of the eggs are there will be fewer of them signing; I have also heard the 2.1 bil cost every week is no big deal as the coin farmers just charge everyone in the guild 200mil if they want to be in the line up so maybe an increase of fees ( Penya sink ) might be in order ; I wouldn't mind dropping 20bil IF it ment we seiged every week


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          What I would want to see in siege:
          1. Increase the number of guilds from 8 to 10 post-merge.
          2. Put a permanent buff pang (max buffs but no seraph, FM buffs)
          3. Make the items you can get from coins to not be stackable. Or at least specific CS providing hp shouldn’t be stackable since HP got so crazy nowadays with Land R cards and higher levels.
          4. Siege coins should be awarded to guilds that score a minimum of 10-20 or whatever is reasonable to avoid coin farmer afk guilds. Also, MVP of the week should get an extra coin or another reward or buff for the week.
          5. Change siege arena - to something like Mars cave.. so people can hide, run, play strategically or something different than the circle arena (could also be a suggestion for a different type of PvP concept which could be introduced during weekdays instead of a second siege).
          6. Put more items in the siege coin system like updating scrolls, augus, R cards.


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            I don't think it's realistic to suggest complete overhauls to siege mechanics, arena etc., because that's not just going to happen with the limited work Gala does on Flyff. Removing SDC from the coin rewards would already be a good improvement to deter feeders, increasing guild cap to maybe 10 guilds max should be doable too, but it'll lead to performance issues most likely.


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              Originally posted by Nerve View Post
              I don't think it's realistic to suggest complete overhauls to siege mechanics, arena etc., because that's not just going to happen with the limited work Gala does on Flyff. Removing SDC from the coin rewards would already be a good improvement to deter feeders, increasing guild cap to maybe 10 guilds max should be doable too, but it'll lead to performance issues most likely.
              this game is too much pay2win, so let the SDC-abuse be.