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  • Pet Filter Feedback and Suggestions

    Hello Flyff-Community.

    Since we hear that you are unhappy with the actual pet filter system, we would like to give you the chance to provide us a proper feedback what you would like to change on the system.

    So please let us know all bugs you currently have with this filter and what changes you would suggest (e.g Items goes in the wrong category).

    Thank you,

    Best regard,

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    What Player think i do.

    What i really do.

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    One of my wishes/complaints is that the pets are so damn slow, if you are on a hefty grind, the pet will not be able to keep up so either end up not seeing the items or have to spend time manually picking them up.So wish for them to get a lot faster picking up items
    A 2nd thing would be to add some sort of function to only pick up Green Items
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      It would be nice if the pet filter would not appear every time when you spawn your pet. Clicking on the pet to toggle the filter should be enough.


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        Possibly make an option to collect fp / mp refreshers rather than just put them in ETC. Either that, or make a seperate penya option.


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          Definitely make it so the pet filter doesn't pop up every time every time you summon your pet.

          Haven't seen anything go in the wrong category, but would be nice if quest items for monsters went into the quest tab.
          Pet feed in the pet tab would be nice too.


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            definitely agree with not having the filter pop up every time you resummon your pet. i think also some of the filter-options are bugged/misleading, cant remember exactly which ones they are tho. in general its really good having a filter though.


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              Some event quest items are not simply picked up by pets, despite ticking all categories up, this needs to be fixed, since one is forced to pick them up manually. MP refreshers, despite unticking all categories, are still picked by pets, this also should be fixed.

              Big pets, such as Tamed Bolo or Friendly Baby Kargo, due to their size and because, as other pets, stand right where their users are, so they get in the way while clicking to attack masquerpets or players from many angles... You end up clicking on them, rather than the enemy. This is annoying while grinding, and can prove fatal during PvP, I feel this should be fixed.

              Last but not least, big pets like the ones I mentioned above, get right where the player is standing, and do not let us see our character, this is something a bit less important than the above, but still feels not nice (I always wanna have my Pick-Up pet on, but also be able to fully see my character). If pets were able to stay just right behind us, we would not only see our beloved characters, but the clicking-on-pet-accidentally problem would no longer exist.

              Thanks for hearing us team, good luck.
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                Having played for a number of years, I can say the pet filter function was really a godsend when it was finally introduced. Having said that, I feel there can be some improvements over the current filters in game.

                Quest Tab - I believe this should be split into separate categories where 1 is for normal monster QI drops and the other is for event QI drops. This would help players out when we are full out farming for event QI

                MP refreshers - As mentioned above, pick-up pets continue to collect this even when we uncheck potion tab. Maybe the devs should fix this into potion tab properly so we don't waste time picking this up.

                Pick-up AI - For most fast farmers, the most annoying thing with the pick-up pets is when we kill multiple monsters, our pets are unable to keep up with all the drops that drops and usually what happens is the game auto summons the pet again when we get too far. I feel pick-up pets should be coded to pick up all the drops from the 1st kill then pick up subsequent kills in order to lessen this outcome. I notice the pet will pick up 1 item then scoot to the next to pick up another based on some coding system.

                Buff Pet bead window - Whenever we summon out a raised pet or walk too far from our buff pets, the bead slot window pops out without fail. Personally I find it annoying to aleays have to close it. Could we implement it where it doesn't pop out all the time except when we first summon our buff pets and put beads on them.

                Buff Pet filter info - For newer or returning players, they get confused what some of the categories actually mean. Some of it is self explanatory but anyways could we have a simple explanation breakdown of what each category means. I noticed flyff wiki doesn't list what each of the category means so having this would help new or current players out.


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                  1. Adding event items option.
                  2. +1 on the mp refreshers getting picked up even though it's already deselected.
                  3. +1 on pet filter showing up every time you summon it could be very annoying.
                  4. +1 on pet bead window always showing up every time your pet re-summons.
                  5. It would really be a great addition to make the pet moving speed faster and the pet pick-up range farther.
                  6. +1 on the pets such as eviltron, baby kargo, bolo & etc. being a pain because you can't click on your character or other's character because they're in the way.


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                    The pets are that big because it helps people with siege, you can’t die if you can’t get targeted.

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                  I am surprised that no one suggested this, that pick-up pets should not prevent the use of flying board when active.
                  Rather then preventing it think of it as a swapping between the flying board or the pick-up pet.