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  • Bug report roadmap Flyff

    Hello players,

    Here you can consult the list of existing bugs. Please make sure your bug isn't already on this list before posting a new one.

    [New] This bug is newly reported by the community and has not yet been tested by our QA team.
    [Unconfirmed] Our QA team has not been able to reproduce the bug so it cannot be confirmed. Please provide more information.
    [Reported] The QA team has been able to confirm the bug and it has been reported to Gala's developers.
    [Fixed] Gala's developers have provided a fix for this issue and it has been applied to the servers.

    Here's the list of ongoing issues that have been reported to us:

    [Fixed] Not possible to add buffs to character outside of the arena in the guildsiege room

    [Reported] Re-Spawn issue after being killed during a jump

    [Reported] Gray Earl pet wrong color icon

    [Reported] Huntran weapon selection menu has buttons without labels

    [Reported] Tab key bugged in guild siege

    [Fixed] Missing 1920 x 1080 resolution on US/EU client

    [Reported] [V20] FR-DE only - Rainbow Race not giving rewards

    [Reported]Missing textures on a Mountain

    [Reported]Wrong ranking on the colosseum [FR]

    [Reported]Special letter "œ" bugged [Fr]

    [Fixed]Couple exp is unusually long

    [Reported]Stuck on loading screen

    [Fixed]When you die during guild siege while being stun you can move on the field but don't deal damage and other pleyr see you as dead.

    [Reported]Chest and furniture icon is the guild house are swapped.

    [Unconfirmed] When you do Aoe damage next to specific spots in mars Mine you crash.

    [Fixed] Card NPC who combines 12%/15%/R card is missing.

    [Reported] Mentor quest cannot be taken after Level 155

    [Reported] Not getting 4 stat points after reaching level 170

    [Unconfirmed] Game crash when we put items in sale in a shop wile having 0 penya.

    [Reported] Title equiped dissapear after maintenance.

    [Reported] Auction house items listed stops after 1999 pages

    [Reported] Yggdrasil weapon trade menu is bugged

    [Reported] Character sometimes gets stuck after using Acrobat's "Counterattack" skill

    [Reported] Harlequin's Pandemonium skill doesn't damage target if it does not hit immediately

    [Reported] Harlequin's Greeting skill doesn't hit high-speed/jumping opponents

    Keep in mind that bugs which can be abused to gain an advantage don't show on this list. We ask you to report those kind of issues to the customer support

    Please report new bugs on a separate topic. You can answer this topic with a link to your bug if we forgot to add it.

    Here's the minimum info we need to report bugs to GALA:

    [Add here a description of the issue. You can add as much information as possible: when it happens, how, monster name, skill name, item name and so on.]

    Repro Steps:
    [Add here all the steps a player should follow to reproduce the issue.

    For example:
    1) Start the game
    2) Go to Flaris
    3) Talk to the Vega NPC and obtain the quest
    4) Kill the first target of the quest
    5) Notice the issue (the quest counter stays the same)]

    [Add here screenshots or a link to a video displaying all the repro steps. (Video mandatory if the bug is hard or complicated to reproduce)]

    Thank you very much for your help,
    Your Flyff team