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AFK Farming via Bots

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  • AFK Farming via Bots

    Guys I have spent actual time trying to kill these cute monsters however some people have to ruin it via bots, and like it forms a large corruption in the economy disadvantaging the lower leveled players which makes me upset and is frustrating for them to. I have been investigating and it happens to always be the higher level players in the richest of guilds (wonder why their rich) in alternate characters. Lower players end up buying the produce they have gained via botting afk and eventually gain trillions out of it because u dont know how much their doing. I have witnessed some of it happening. Once again its causing corruption can there not be like checks or something within the certain regions in which afk farming is saturated rather then reporting it all the time? I know its time consuming but some moderation should take place, we are a community afterall.
    Thank you

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    havent noticed any bots, interesting


    • UziChan
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      Teehee, well they stop attacking when u approach them but if u run out of vision they start again :33 I figured summoning crowns would mess up their internal system and hence they will attack it and so they did and that proves the theory

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    yeah i saw it in flariz bang area back of the mountain check crown ppl there....


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      This is true, i've seen it to at the bang spot. Rich players farm botting.


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        If you see any afk farmers please report them to the customer support with a video (please try to talk to the afk farmer to prove he is offline).


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          So players are forced to reply now to make sure they are not afk? Klaig


          • Len45
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            Seems rather asinine. I seldom reply to other players when I am "in the field", even if I see their comment.

          • Klaig
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          I think you should always reply to a hello from a fellow player, community standards! But yes players nowadays don't even talk to eachother so sad.