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Suggestions are being ignored + mass DC's

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  • Suggestions are being ignored + mass DC's

    1. A while ago I tried to submit a ticket suggesting using perins in vendor and shops. I then got the generic response of "start a thread on the forums". Well, I actually did over a month ago. But it seems that the team only ever replies just to take off any responsibility. Besides the again generic response of "it's not us", suggestions get totally ignored.

    2. There were 2 major dc's in the game in the past 12 hours ish (including rollback on the first. Second one is still not allowing anyone to connect at this moment). What about the lost items, exp or parties? It happens very often. But it honestly doesn't seem to bother anyone.

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    Dude, game is old as hell, don't expect any big fixes or updates. It's too difficult to do anything in this code-mess.
    Developers are just trying to slow the rotting of flyff's corpse.