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New guild siege bugg/problem

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  • New guild siege bugg/problem

    As of 2019-07-27.

    I believe this was a possible attempt to remove the Resurrection bug, but has caused other problems instead.

    Today in siege (on all US servers) when you died your character would get bugged and you would not be able to take out pets or swap equipment, use actions/buffs, or even fill your Eldin’s Jar.

    This made it so after your first death you where incapable of swapping your gear or even giving yourself buffs. If you died with your jar empty you would spawn back and take damage from other players instantly before you could even fill it, (with 100% DCT Arcanists you would die in under 1 second)

    It kept saying that “You cannot use items in the auditorium”. This problem/bug really limits the players and takes a negative toll on the Guild Siege Participants.

    Here’s a clip as an example.

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    Hello Mortalkombat01,

    The issue has been reported and we are looking into it.