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DC and ghost DC problem

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  • DC and ghost DC problem

    Hi there.

    I know this have been a problem in the past, and it was fixed shortly, but over the last couple of weeks there have been so many people getting DC and ghost DC in game.
    I know this is a huge problem on Clockworks (EU), I can't say about the other servers.

    When we finally get more players, they get DC/ghost DC and the server seems all dead again.
    Please care about the players that still play this wonderful game!

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    Yeah you're right... I noticed the same issue. its been around since quite a while now and i hope Webzen can do something about it .
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      Having the same issues, and hearing more and more people about it.. Fix it Webzen. Keep your playerbase alive.


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        My chars also d/c daily, I tried on all channels but is the same result..


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          DC been around for weeks nah more like months..what am i saying years..i given up holding partys wasting scrolls that i purchased with muuuni wasting w-coins, every now and than we get some ''silly'' compersation like R-amps (got tons).. but that doesnt cover what i've lost sofar on those darn ghost or random DCs

          feels like the game needs a major maintenece or UPDATE..
          there are several post complaining about this issue but still no real result on fixing this........tired of DC, tired of playing bugged flyff

          im out enjoying the summer <3 good luck fellows


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            Hey guys,
            I'm also feeling the same problem... I have any drops concerning my internet and I still get disconnected for no reason at all...
            This problem make people leave the game, more than the lake of new content. And for Webzen, less players means less people using Cash Shop. Making some improvement would make players happier about the game they enjoy(ed) and it would make more benefits for Webzen...
            I'm not a pro on that kind of stuff (informatica...) and I don't know if fixing this problem is easy or not. But solving this one would be a big deal for us all.
            Flyff is quite an old game, and if it doesn't work super clean, it would never attract new players or "old players" to come back.

            However, I've seen some in-game improvement compared to 2-3 years ago (teleportation/loose of position...) that some players might have forgot or haven't "lived". So, thank you for that.

            But the players would like to see these impovements continue and the faster would be better.

            Thanks for reading and sorry for my english mistakes. !


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              Gah, I just gave up for today.
              Tried to lvl a bit, but all I get is a dc here, a ghost dc there....
              In just a few hours (about2-3) I had 37 !!!!!!!! dc's
              Yes, I counted them.
              So I quit lvling for now.
              It's no use making new parties over and over again


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                This is super annoying. This evening alone was crazy, dced alot of times lost my parties etc.. This really needs to get fixed becuase something isn't working the way it is supposed to.


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                  I'm not suffering directly because of that error, but it is just annoying if you're going for a nice shop in flaris and literally like everyone is dc'ed. Going to the Mall if the mall has just 3 Stores isn't fun either.

                  PLEASE FIX WEBZEN :<

                  ShynoX/Aku (<3 o3o)


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                    HAII We all experience this problem and we all know that's very annoying so that's why we need to fix it because for Flyff veterans it's just "everyday things" right? But let's think about new people coming into the game, for them, it's fun killer, so if we can't keep new players in, then what we are doing at this point?

                    This very small problem takes away our new fresh community players and because of that, we are not growing like in the old gold days.

                    New Happy Newbie = More Newbies = More Money = Better Game = Happy Players - and this circle will go on for a long time!
                    Let's make Flyff great again.

                    Starting from here, let's do it!


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                      I would start playing and leveling/ farming again if these things are getting fixed, but for now is not worthing all the scrolls/ time wastage only to get dc/ lose parties/ lives of pets and so on..


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                        yea, same problem occurs for me too. i get dc's , sometimes client crashed completely.


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                          happened to me the same, the last 3/4 days happened to me a few times.


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                            As Offset said correctly, “They do anything for clout”
                            all hail lord Aikon


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                              DC DC DC DC
                              please do something on it i waste scroll and party bcoz of these DC problems............