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Unable to move character, talk to npcs or chat

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  • Unable to move character, talk to npcs or chat

    I'm unable to move character, whether it is with wsad keys or clicking via mouse. I'm also unable to chat with npcs or send messages via /say/shout/general. I am, however, able to mount my board, fly and use my inventory. I've submitted a ticket, but they quickly closed it referring me to the forums. However, the only information I've found regarding not being able to move your character was related to being in the collecting field, which apparently you're able to fix by simply un-equipping/equipping the collector. This is not the case for me, I have never owned a collector, nor have I been to a collecting field. I'm not sure what to do, I have thousands of scrolls on this character that I can't access. I'm able to fully function on other characters on this account. I'm very frustrated with their lack of support in this matter.

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    Try clicking on your desktop then click back to the FlyFF window.


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      If this happens all you need to do is relog
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        Guys if it were this easy, I obviously wouldn't have posted asking about it lol.


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          I appreciate the attempt to help though, truly.