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Changing the Time for Guild Siege for the US Servers

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  • Changing the Time for Guild Siege for the US Servers

    Hello everyone,

    the current Time for the weekly Guild Siege is:

    Most of Europe: 9:30pm on the saturday

    Australia: 5:30am on the sunday

    US East Coast: 4:30pm on the saturday

    US West Coast: 1:30pm on the saturday.

    Philippines: 4:30am on the sunday.

    If i remember correctly, this siege time was set when CW opened and matche the EU server one. And indeed for EU players its a good time, but for Australians and Filipinos, it reaaaaaaally sucks.
    The "old" siege time was 1-2h later than what it is now.

    The 5 regions mentioned above cover like 99% of all players on the US servers. Therefore finding a time that gives all of them access to the guild siege would be great.

    I recommend something like.. 11pm CET. On weekends the European gamers are certainly still up awake at that time. For Americans not much changes, it is still in their afternoon / early evening. But for Australians and Filipinos it makes a HUGE difference. That would be 7am Australia time and 6am Filipino time, which is muuuuch more reasonable to be awake than 5:30 and 4:30 respecitvely.

    As players from those regions play on the US servers, it would be a nice quality of life improvement to change the Guild Siege time to that.
    The only players that CANT make it for that siege time (11pm CET) are most of SEA and middle east. But we have almost none of those players on the US servers, in fact middle east doesnt play flyff and SEA has its own server (PlayPark)

    Piccolo and Klaig: Please consider this change, its simple, easy and makes everyone happier.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Please also change that you have to leave a guild and rejoin another after 2 consecutive wins in Guild Siege, it is nothing but annoying and accomplishes nothing, compare to here:
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    We have some aussies on the Tanuki server that can't participate in siege due to that early 6:00 >:C

    Maybe we could also set every siege time uniquely aswell,

    EU Flyff: Remains the same (I assume the same or different for dflyff/frflyff)
    US Flyff: 11:00 pm
    Some people can now siege euflyff and usflyff, if they want to do that :>
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      Agree with this post. Dependant on daylight savings Guild Seige can begin as early as 5.30am here in Australia and it would be nice if it started a few hours later.


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        Don't play on an NA server as an Aussie and then expect them to adjust the times for you.


        • Jammey
          Jammey commented
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          Are there Aussie servers tho

        • Cooked
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          there is no official aussie server, aussie players have always defauted to the NA server since the beginning

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        Agreed +1


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          100% agree, as an Australian I can definitely vouch that it is terrible having to wake up from 4:30am to 5:30am to make the lineup and siege. Would definitely love it to be a bit later