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  • webzen should do this!

    i know it's not that cool but i think "secret" drop should run an inveral of 3 or 2 years ...
    -Actually this event run for a month or so (thats many days to farm!!) plus at least we get this event twice a year ( so its like 60 days of farm)

    -Actually the most of player have many scrolls so it requires lowering prices of them.

    -because we have more supply than demand

    -so we would be forced to buy scrolls from flyff shop , THATS THE REAL WAY TO TAKE OUR MONEY

    i hope GM understand my point of view so they can make new events or run the oldest ones thanks for reading

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    The influx of scrolls is actually because the new scroll sale, and what is wrong with webzen giving out free stuff. It sounds like you are just mad because you don’t have farmers for it.
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    • Kuraina
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      lol dude , i have over 10.000 scroll of SProtecs,Xpro,Gpro and Apro i know all spots but put this event every year ruin the economy , actually in flyff shop Sprotecs worth over 3k wcs to get x95 scrolls ( with ratio 1b/100wc) its useless when you can get 100 scrolls at 16b-20b.
      so do you really think im mad? haha .

    • Jammey
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      It that’s the case what’s wrong with them giving away free scrolls? It now sounds like you are hoping they do the event less often so they become worth more so you can sell them for more real money.