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  • <> box questions and concerns

    hello i have been saving my <>(box with no name) since christmas i managed to get 9 of them which imo seemed like alot i know they can contain unbinds and the everflowing mana potion(+10%mp) but its very difficult to sell them as box because there is no way for people to look up what can be inside. almost all boxes have a ratio of getting worse stuff more often and that is the reason i dont just open myself... my question is does anyone know a location where i can see what is possible rewards from this box. or if you have opened these boxes before what did you get from them any info on this box would be helpful as its very difficult to determin a price of the box or if i open 9 will i get on average 2 unbinds? from 9 boxes idk.

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    seek that information in "Announcements" chapter.