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Skill and Movement Problems for Sorcerer since the 11/06/2019 maintenance

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  • Skill and Movement Problems for Sorcerer since the 11/06/2019 maintenance

    Hello, since the maintenance of 11/06/2019, my sorcerer has many problems with its skills and movements.
    I have already made a ticket to webzen support but, it closed it and told me to create a topic for my problem.

    I explain :
    Wen I want to use a distance skill on a monster, my character is forced to be close enough to the monster. Before the last maintenance, I could use this skill at a reasonable distance from the monster without risking getting killed.
    Also, during my sorcerer is walking, when I use a skill, my sorcerer is continueing to move a little instead of attack the monster.
    It become very difficult to control my character without risking getting attacked by the aggressive monsters.

    I updated my computer.
    I deleted the and re-installed the game but the problems are still not resolved.

    As a reminder, the only way to a Sorcerer (full INT) to gain experience is to freeze the monsters at distance and attack it without being touched, because at a certain level, the monsters are strenght enough to kill a sorcerer in one shot.
    With this bug, I can't play anymore because when my sorcerer attack a monster, he must get closer and the aggressive monsters that are near, detect and kill my sorcerer.

    Anyone else has the same problems ?
    Please ask to Webzen to resolve them !
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    Hello Wiccan58,

    The issue has been reported to the game's developer already. We hope they can provide a patch to fix this problem anytime soon.



    • Wiccan58
      Wiccan58 commented
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      Yes I know but it is Webzen who told me to write on this post.
      Also, the french moderator told me to describe this in great detail to best help to solve this problem.

    • (MOD)Amenofus
      (MOD)Amenofus commented
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      Yes, that's the usual response from our ticket support team since technical issues and bug reports will be gathered here on the forums from the team in charge. So it's alright to report it here.

      In this case our team sent a report to the developer already.