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Guild cannot participate at Guild Siege after 2 consecutive wins

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  • Guild cannot participate at Guild Siege after 2 consecutive wins

    The rule that guilds cannot participate in siege after they have won twice in a row is really bad in my opinion. It totally hurts everyones quality of life so much. What is the point?
    Is the intend such that less people can participate in the guild siege? Make it less active? To make sure not one guild dominates?
    The former reason is invalid and this shouldnt be the case. The second reason is only viable if in every single server there is 1 guild that wins every single siege. Looking at the servers, that is not the case, so really what is the point?
    Secondly the intended 7d Guild-switch delay is bugged and it is still 2d. That means that whatever the (invalid) reason for implementing the "no siege after 2 wins"- rule was, it can and is easily bypassed by sieging in an alt-guild the week after.
    The reality is, that people are just guildswapping all the time, end up in their alt-guilds, big quality of life drop.

    I hope this rule/mechanic gets changed, it was a (big) change for the worse.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Developers couldn't create any better way to make pvp a little less pay2win, enjoy. This situation is very familiar with "delete" button block.
    And yes - quality of the game can't be dropped if it's on the bottom already.
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      I totally agree with you, Hyaton. Ever since it was implemented I couldn't see why they took this decision as is not hard to swap into alt-guild and win Guild Siege by same people just different guild. It only makes it worse as, myself, would like to participate the next day at Tower Siege as well but can't since my main char is in the Guild Siege guild..
      Also another bad thing is my 2 mil + Guild Contribution with quest items which I've lost it first time I had to leave guild.. I know that isn't such big deal but to me its nice to see the contri I gave to the guild I'm in


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        *bump* , GMs notice and implement this please. HUGE quality of life downgrade from when it got changed to the current system. Should be changed back asap.


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          Let's hope they don't continue the 7 days delay to join a new guild.


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