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[Couple System]. Level up skills exp abnormally long

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  • [Couple System]. Level up skills exp abnormally long

    Couple System.
    ""It takes 90 days for a couple to achieve the maximum couple level 21.""

    Level up skills exp abnormally long. over 90 days..
    This issue has been reported by players in the French and German forum. So I did some test to confirm this bug.
    Here a resume.

    Since the last 3 months my couple level got stuck at level 17.

    if I place the mouse cursor over the Blessing of Love icon (or Power of Love) with a third character. I notice the timer goes back and forth between 43min 25sec and 46min 43sec and so on.

    43min 25sec --> 46min 39sec --> 43min 25sec --> 46min 39sec -->...

    Checking other players in couple, Blessing of love and Power of Love are acting the same way.
    NB :
    In the French forum! Calva calculated the time needed to reach level 21 with this issue.

    {GM} Piccolo
    We are aware of this error and have also forwarded it.
    If there is a fix for this, we will announce it in the patch notes.
    Ref: De.Forum
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    Was that always like that?


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      I’ve had my couple from level 30 currently now level 130 and couple is only level 3 lol definitely an issue.


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        takes forever to get even get your couple to lvl 11, very annoying can we at least get some couples amps or couple exp event?


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          Right, this couple system is broken. lvling my couple for well over 5 months. lvl 13 still... straight trash.