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  • CS + Ingame shop Suggestion

    Hi All,

    I'd like to suggest the following.

    Single Scroll of Awakening Augmentation to be made available at all times at 350 wcoin each.

    During the Augmentation Sale sell 10x Scroll of Awakening Augmentation for 3150 wcoin
    Scroll of Awakening Augmentation x50 for 14,000 saving of 1,750 wcoin
    Scroll of Awakening Augmentation x100 for 29,000 saving of 2,150 wcoin
    I beleive this would help increase sales and QoL for players as sometimes a single aug can be useful for some items and there is usually a long wait for them and also would make the "SALE" actually feel like its a sale rather than a pop up.
    Also happy for prices to change, up to webzen staff ofcourse

    2nd suggestion would be to have private stores the ability to sell/buy items with perins directly. Due to inflation the stores are almost rendered useless and very limited. this would increase the use of them and provide the stores with more items rather than just a shop name and people saying leave offer.
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