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Need help with Font Texture ingame

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  • Need help with Font Texture ingame

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask for help to fix the text font of my Flyff game and the textures because for me are very difficult to read the information and the dialogues because they appear too big compared to the windows of the game. If you want i can send you some screenshot via email for verifing this issue. Thanks a lot.

    This is my issue in game, if you see i can't read nothing on my screen T_T:
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    Try changing the resolution of your client, maybe that fixes it..


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      Hello XXShadow
      Please check the dpi and font settings in windows

      Set Display Custom Scaling in Windows 10, How ?

      Open Settings.
      Go to Settings - Display. (Display setting)
      Scale and layout change the size of text, ... should be 100%
      Advanced scaling setting.
      Fix scaling for application Off.
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