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Lunar New Year Event Ended, But...

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  • Lunar New Year Event Ended, But...

    So the event has ended, and I understand that Fortune Pouch won't be dropping anymore... But could you please at least leave the NPC there for like a week? Some of us still have Fortune Pouches that we have not used, and would like to sell or use.

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    npc only stick around when there is not an event scheduled right afterwards and if the npc is sticking around longer then the event it is always announced for future plans make sure if it is not announced that an npc will be sticking around then turn in your event items before the end of the event. do not wait tell the last second/ after the event to trade in rewards because on a general basis npc do not stick around longer then the event themselves


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      than* And I understand, but even still, I just feel the NPCs should ALWAYS hang around for a while longer. :V In my case, I couldn't exactly "use them up" before the event ended because I was mostly planning on selling them. Is it my fault my server (Kargo) is dead? Nope. Came back over a week ago after not having played for 9 years.


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        well, you had enough time for exchange, try next year.


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          this is a very common theme for people who dont get the chance to use them also save them they might be able to be traded in next year. people have done this multiple times with the christmas upgrade item and for the last 3 years it has worked out. so there is always a chance that they will not go to waste. moth knows what hes talking about tho short simple and to the point.