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missing character needs restored

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  • missing character needs restored

    I had character in slot 1 was their oct 2016 after I upgraded my account checked later and found it missing so I made character with same name just to test if it would say name taken or not it got made so they had to of deleted my character. MY question would they restore it and remove one with the same name in that spot since I myself did not delete it.? added note I have never had a compromised or hacked or ban from webzen so the responsibility is on their end.
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    Hello Soulcollecter,

    To be honest I don't know about the exact guidelines of our customer service on this topic. So I recommend to submit a ticket to them with as much information as possible.
    I fear we can not do much for you here on the forums.



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      thanks that what I will I know they normally wont restore if you delete it or your account is hacked /compromised but my case is bit different.
      update well I got the it is not possible to restore think have do another ticket make it more clear I didn't delete it they did.
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