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support problem cs was no help

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  • support problem cs was no help

    i have a old g potato account I try to log in to the main site as well as the game both say it needs updated which I tried but it then says it already updated I contacted support
    and they had this to say


    Thanks for contacting Webzen Customer support.

    We regret to inform you that upon checking the account which contains the character named (xxxxxx), we've found out that it is currently suspended. Unfortunately, our support does not cover any assistance to such concerns.

    We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    In case you require further assistance: Please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards,
    Your WEBZEN Team

    what am I suppose to do i have not had 1 ticket or email notice of this since they took over would webzen of possible suspended it until more info count be provided as proof of owner or something?

    cause I had already did all that even loged it in after server merge from lawolf to tanuki
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    in fact if they keep old tickets from last few years it would show they already fixed it for me once only to break it again
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      sent another ticket hope the fix it lucky for me I took screenshots back in oct 2016 after upgradeing each of my accounts


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        Hello Soulcollecter,

        I guess the main issue here is the account suspension. So this is what you address first with our customer service via ticket. Unfortunately we can't really help you out on the forums since no one here has any insights on your case or the tickets.
        Please stay in touch with our customer service via ticket.



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          it just got a bit more complicated they account I ask to upgrade turned out to be this one which was already upgraded they just changed my email to one of mine I didn't have in use which I need to have undone. their are no
          suspension on this account as I can log just fine and my characters on this account in the game
          . which now confuses me bit I do have a character in the first slot I cant seem to delete that is named the same as the one they mention above in their reply but its not the right level and stuff it is only a merc not my lv81 knight by the same name. so likely some kind merge conflict. What should I have them do? can they remove this noobie merc and restore my proper character it was last loged in oct 2016 is leader of my guild I made


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            The forum is not the place to talk about matters that should be dealt by customer support.

            I close.