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  • This has to end. Now

    Dear community,
    I feel bad for creating this topic but since i'm back into the game (old player back from gpotato) I've noticed nothing but irritating issues.
    I totally understand maintenance periods and eventually a game disconnection with an error saying so.

    BUT! In the 2 months that i'm back almost everyday i've experienced strange disconnections where my friends will tell me i end up on server 0.
    I also believe this is not a game bug but literally trolls disconnecting people whenever they feel like it.
    If irritating issues like these cannot be resolved than I simply won't be motivated to login the next day, which i hate to say because of my love for this game.

    Back in the old days the servers were always flooded with players, and you could litteraly host a shop for days without issues.
    Now all that seems long gone. Which is a shame since I've donated again to this game before even encoutering some of it's issues. (Stupid impatient me)

    EDIT: The strange disconnections do not come with an error message. Everyone freezes and i connot interact with anything in game anymore when it happends. I have to relog everytime it happends to resolve it until eventually it hapends again, sometimes multiple times a day.
    I've noticed it happening more to me when i'm hosting a peacefull shop in flaris. (trolls??)
    I'm playing on the Lykan server.

    I realy wish issues like this one can be resolved! Please consider going through this thread in the general forum also:

    Thanks for reading
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    I quit.
    Thx webzen for doing sh*t.


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      Those "strange disconnections" have been around for years, well before Webzen bought the publishing rights. They are generally called "ghost D/Cs" and are more a function of your equipment and connection.


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        I've been thrown out 5 times again yesterday?! 4 of which i started a full shop in flaris that didn't even last 30 minutes.
        Strange how streaming 4K day and night doesn't cause any problems here while a simple old game like flyff can't handle it?!
        Yea dude I'm pretty sure my hardware is poor and shitty af. Not like i actually need good hardware and shit for work, nonooo..

        I stand by it if irritating issues like these cannot be resolved wheter it's a hack or a bug doesn't f*cking matter, than i'm out!


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          try with windows xp might work yikes