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Cash shop sales missing 2nd time

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  • Cash shop sales missing 2nd time


    Somehow i didn''t see sales of the R 12% cards at all in CS. But now i don't see the sales of pet bundles neither in CS shop. You guys aware of this? Just cause its the 2nd time in a row i am wondering... for future sales...

    Hope to hear about it

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    Do you just get a blank window when you go to the CS from the in-game MENU? If so, click the "Specials" button and it will show up.


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      You're not alone.
      I've been back in this game for about 2 months now.
      And from all sales that were hosted by webzen during that time aprox. 20% I wasn't able to find either, looking literally everywhere.

      EDIT: Yes including this one with pet bundles.
      After browsing around on the Flyff discord i found out that people from the Netherlands and Belgium (me) aren't able to buy luckyboxes due to our law. (Virtual item gambling)

      Good to know! A quick fix is you can browse through an US proxy or some other country not under that law and than buy the items in the shop. Hope this helps, I've tested an US proxy and it showed up.
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        Well maybe its just CW only? The pet transformation bundle is not appearing at all… not that i mind this sale... but this is not the first time..

        Would be nice if it will be fixed… so with next sale announcements they do appear


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          Due to law restriction lucky boxes are not available for Belgium and Dutch IP.

          We are sorry for this inconvenience.