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Hackers In Flyff

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  • Hackers In Flyff

    Something needs to be done with the hackers on this game. There is people on the servers that are able to view players inventory and be able to d/c them freely. This is getting out of hand when they wont allow others to play the game as they wish, but instead get spam d/ced by the hackers because they are mad that they got IP banned. There is plenty of proofs of such activity and nothing is being done about it. We need to put an end to the packet editing and program crap. I know for a fact that a guild by the name of [removed]( in moco) is behind this due to the fact that the hacker that was messaging us had information only that guild knew about.
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    You cant play game like that. This is ridiculous. First of all guild named [removed] doing this. They was spamming dc lykan players for 2 hours. We were getting insta dc whenever we tried to log.
    Edit: Characters named[removed] was doing this 4-6PM server time.
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      I agree with everything above. There is no point merging any servers as long as these people are around or as long as their cheats work. They can add you to friends/view you/disconnect you/join your guild and party without any invite or permission. This is game broking cheat. Something must be done


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        Sooo.. If hackers from yetti wont let you play you wont play? What kind of bull **** is it? I wasnt able to play for over 2 hours because Haunted guild members was disconnecting me. Whats point of playing a game, if they can disconnect you whenever they want?


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          I am closing this topic as it is only about defaming guilds and players.
          If you have proof of any bug abuse please report this with a ticket, and the same is for reporting the bug itself.