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Flyff CPU interferance? help?

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  • Flyff CPU interferance? help?


    Today I got home from work and wanted to play some Flyff, However, my CPU shoots to a flat 100C, under about 30% load?. I've tested multile very demanding games, GTA 5, BF5, Skyrim. Temps dont even hit 60C on those with maxed out settings. I've tried reinstalling the game, re-installing game on another SSD, installing it on an HDD and nothing changes. The air coming out of my cooler is Ice cold when I play flyff but its at 100% because it reads the 100C as temp. I have no idea why suddenly flyff is interfering with my CPU but I cant play like this...

    CPU: Intel Core i9 9900K
    GPU: GTX 1070

    It was fine yesterday, nothing changed. If I find a fix I'll come back to my post but for now I'm waiting on your help lol