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2x exp event... notification...halloween

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  • 2x exp event... notification...halloween


    I have to find out today in the patch notes for tommorrow, there was/is a 2x exp event this weekend, durint the Halloween event...
    I looked at the forums and patch notes of the site last week... to see if we would get any….
    Nothing is mentioned….
    While time and time again… i look for this to be motivated enough to come back in the game... as event drops/combined with exp event is the greatest to level...

    Now a lot of people have left due to some bug i believe, for me i was a bit out of it... so you want this reason to get back into it....
    And you miss out on it... cause their is no clear notifications on the excperience event or something… that drops the ball to come back into the game....

    Maybe you people can have a look at this… to make sure it is notified clearly….

    Thank you

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    Ok...First of all they didn't put in forums but a lot of people moved themselves ingame for it, prices for Amps and GoldPackages went up again for that, a particular amp sale was done by the website (and announced on Forum!!) before and during the you can't really blame anyone for not getting the notice..try not being away

    By the way I am 99,99% sure that it was announced on Discord (I am not a user of that but I believe they are moving towards to that) so many people might have talked about it there..not sure though..just a thought.

    Anyway..they've always noticed and just now they decided to not do it and you complain, but you were totally away so literally all you did was "open the forum - check - no news - close page" and now you have the guts to blame someone for not awaring you?...I am pretty sure the server needs a lot of players, not 1. they care about a lot of people not 1.

    Feel free to complain but your lacking reason here mate. I would complain about the lag, or the fact that the server still didn't work on the ghost DC's we have (Idk about the rest but it happens to me mostly when on Dungeons like Azria..which makes me really pissed) but anyways..

    Stop complaining, get on, enjoy the 2x Drop Event that is coming and try out Discord Pretty sure your problems will be solved in no time!! <3


    • BlueLight
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      I don't use discord and i don't want to, the same with facebook. And annoucements on the website was always good enough for me....

      I check the site and i check the forums... I don't want to log into the game completely to go ask around, whether we might have an exp event...
      As in the past , people don't know or its rumours, Mod or someone said exp event is coming and people end up dissapointed
      I play this game for years on and off...and i grinded a lot... but these days i choose carefully the moments to play…. i don't want to waste my time... with RL and such, so i don't look at things they way you do....and i am pretty sure more people don't for they play a lot longer than just today…

    • MrRaykz
      MrRaykz commented
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      "but these days i choose carefully the moments to play…. i don't want to waste my time... with RL and such, so i don't look at things they way you do" you just said yourself exactly what I said. it's your choice to play or not play, and as soon as you choose to not be real active as a player you put yourself into a situation where they don't really owe you anything now. You are not there, you can't complain. It's like someone complaining about Minnesota politics while living in California.

      I really see your point mate and I disagree with the mate below, Discord only puts virus in the same situation as E-mails in general, that means, if you are dumb enough to open the suspicious (obvious) link. You guys gotta update yourselves. Everyone in the whole world is using Facebook (now even more because they opened business for Streamers) and Discord (because it's really easy to use) and it's your choice to not participate. You can't complain when you don't do anything.

      Most of the time we ask them for changes, so they did! Forums were overloaded with abusive number of posts that didn't need to be there at all...People use Discord and Facebook daily, thousands of times per week, you really wanna say that they are wrong choosing that instead of here? As I said, and I repeat, wanna complain, feel free to do it, but you are lacking reason here mate! Get out of your shell!

    • BlueLight
      BlueLight commented
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      You guys gotta update yourselves? No,… the official website has Always been the place info get distributed…and always should...
      This counts for many games on the net...
      They Always use their official website and forums to update their players… discord and facebook is commercial benificial but not your core… to give info...
      Next to that people should not be obligated to have an account on 3rd party to get their info..
      Especially if they pay money / invest in the game during all those years... and it has an official website....its called a normal customer service policy..every company understands...
      So your clearly not seeing my point at all, your just thinking like a hype salesman....but forget that the core of things is there for a reason… but some other games like guildwars 2 seem to get that better...
      Go play you have to go with the hype... crap somewhere else…

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    I agree the 2X EXP Event (or ANY event) should have been announced both on the "Official" (?) Web Site and the forum. It's just a lack of consideration on the part of Webzen not to do this. I, for one, don't use either FB or Discord due to the potential of virus/hacking with them.
    I saw a (very) few comments in game that there may be an EXP event this past weekend, and it was confirmed when I logged into the game the first day of the event. I still feel an official announcement on the web site and the forum would have been much more appreciated by all users rather than just on some third party site.


    • BlueLight
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      Thank you for hearing me in this one

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    The double exp event was announced on the forum:

    We normally always announce on the website with a banner, but as you might have guessed we currently have issues with the website we weren't able to advertise it there exceptionally.


    • BlueLight
      BlueLight commented
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      It doesn't really say 2x exp event but...more selling amps…
      I can understand also if there is problems with the website, no worries
      As from the message i am glad, i can probably expect it to be announced trough the website in the future with a banner.
      I really appriciate that, it keeps things KISS, which is nice.
      Thank you for the reply