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  • bots and spammers

    Why is there no solution to gold sellers and spammers, other than just doing /ignore command every time we log in?
    Why do GM not check the servers daily and mute those characters?

    This gold seller has been here for a couple of days already.

    Character: Qwewe

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    This has been discussed many times in the past.
    The gold spammers have an inexhaustible supply of characters with which to spam. When one character is shut down they simply bring another one on line, usually within minutes.
    How many "GMs" do you think Webzen would have to hire to do nothing but patrol all the servers 24/7? Five servers on US Flyff, two on EU Flyff, three on German Flyff, and I don't know how many (2?) on French Flyff. Even if one "GM" could do all the servers that's still three people working eight hour shift every day. And, with NO breaks. Plus two or three additional "GMs" to cover weekends, holidays and vacations. Even then they wouldn't make any noticeable difference.
    Also consider that if the spamming company gets mad at all the trouble being caused them, they have ample means to just flood the game with spam characters, essentially shutting it down.
    I personally like it when one spam character is in place for days, or even weeks, on end. I can put "/ig [currentspammer]" on a hot key and then every time I log in it's just a single keystroke to get rid of it.