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[Idea] Developer Update from Gala

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  • [Idea] Developer Update from Gala


    Gala shall do developer updates as Blizzard do with Overwatch.
    A short video (less than 10mns) to explain their point of view about the game when they make changes.

    Best wishes,

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    Solid idea - surprised no replies here


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      Although it sounds like a great idea makes you wonder why they didn't do it at least once so far..every sucessful game around has an active Developer the changes aren't really well old players (I guess checking your Join Date - mine doesn't match my truthfull experience in Flyff since I played on different Versions and Servers that are now dead and unreachable) you guys know what I am talking many times did we players ask, complain, say something, about how the updates and changes are killing a lot of systems in the game over and over again..0 answer. they can't even answer to why CW is having so many Ghost DC's and it's been months we are having them! I am really sorry but this will die as all the other good solid ideas/comments/ their locker, with 0 attention from them life sucks.


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        My guess is the profitable market share gets the loudest voice. I have no idea who that is, but the ones spending the money are usually the one's that get the pull with anything in life. Find the regions \ server with the largest population (Asia somewhere?) and they probably got it together. I don't think they can afford to ignore profits... any company.