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Suggestion Tournament of Champions 2018 event

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  • VVraithh
    started a topic Suggestion Tournament of Champions 2018 event

    Suggestion Tournament of Champions 2018 event

    I wish introduce my idea for PVP event since all other events are PVE related... Lets bring some fun for PVP players too !

    Tournament of Champions 2018

    I can suggest make each region in 1 day since it wont need as much time as time attack.Date and time are up to webzen.

    Last similar event was made in clockworks arena but this time it could be on normal pvp arena.I will leave this part for webzen.I hope they will choose right place.

    1.You may only enter one character into the tournament. Players found entering or using multiple accounts will be disqualified.
    2.Only players level 60 and above will be able to enter this tournament.
    3.X number of players will be allowed to participate.(number of players chosen by webzen)

    How to sign up:
    Leave comment under this topic with your character name, server, class

    1.Restorative fooding of any kind will not be allowed during duels. Doing so will result in an immediate disqualification.
    2.If a player who is not currently dueling heals a player who is, the player that cast the heal will be disqualified immediately.
    3.Receiving a heal from another player during a duel will result that duel being restarted.
    4.Ringmasters/Billposters will be allowed to perform self-heal abilities, such as casting the Heal spell, or using their Prevention skill.
    5.Billposter can use asal skill ONLY against another billposter.
    6.Consumables are allowed(Upcut stone/Holy scroll)
    7.The only buffs allowed are whatever self-buffs you can cast directly on yourself, and whatever buffing consumables you decide to use. Attempting to begin a duel with buffs from another player will result in immediate disqualification.
    8.Runes on baruna weapons are allowed.
    9.If somebody sign up and wont log in or participate in event player will be disqualified.

    As prize I can suggest: potato guild emblem/coloseum fashion set/3rd FWC set. Im leaving this part for webzen aswell.

  • VVraithh
    commented on 's reply
    Too much effort.Its same as time attack they can use 60lvl rm but obviously nobody will use.I think self buffs are fine, especially when billposter cant use asal vs other classes.

  • PantsWithLazers
    Sweg, I think prev is bull crap in this situation though.
    I also suggest brackets by class or levels, that way a lvl 60 rm won’t go against a 150+ slayer.

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  • Alecya
    Sounds good, need a bit more information according to what type of event it would be. But a idea for a PVP event is always welcome in my opinion.
    The rules also seem fair to me

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