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Lack of Pet Revival C

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  • Lack of Pet Revival C

    There is a lack of ability to revive C level pets, and given the rampant server issues and ghostly disconnects happening here and there, that seems a tad unfair in this instance.

    Yes, it could also be argued that you can't revive a D level pet, however, you can't awaken a D level pet either. The moment you get a good awakening on a C level pet, it becomes just as potentially valuable as an S level pet, given a decent awakening. It would make sense that the moment something can be made substantially more valuable and has the possibility to "die", that it can also be revived one way or another.

    Even after contacting support, they say it cannot be done. Not because they don't want to, but because they can't, even amidst the server issues. So this isn't just a limitation on a players in game capabilities.

    Even if it means having to use a Scroll of Pet Revival S, A or B, rather than having a new one introduced, the option should still be made possible. We don't want something like this happening to new, existing or returning players because the servers can't even keep the game stable:

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    Im sure it shouldn't be too much work to actually include it in the next update, i am certain that there are a bunch of dead C pets that could use a revive (i got 1 dead aswell) which is rather sad


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      Thank you very much for your suggestion, we will forward this to our developer.
      If they are willing they might apply something like this but we won't give any promises this will happen.


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        Thanks. There's a few options, such as making it possible via scrolls, or by some other means in game, or by extensively providing support staff with the ability to handle it on a case to case basis as well.


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          I vote for a Scroll of Pet Revival too.
          At the point a pet becomes valuable (C Level through awakening/upgrades through augs) you should be able to revive it.

          Why would I ever aug a C level Pet and level it even if I know there is no scroll to revive it and I know the servers are fighting with random ghost dcs is another story.

          I the case of support, with a normal written ticket that provides the important informations about the case and written in a polite way, they are able to decide in a special or for a special case and they are fast with it. (my personal subjective experience)



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            ok... this was a year ago and they still havent done anything...


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              Wow I feel bad for that pet T_T


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