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Random DCs/Ghost DCs At Clockworks Server EU

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  • Random DCs/Ghost DCs At Clockworks Server EU

    Dear Webzen,

    The past Weeks/Months alot of Clockworks players experiencing random DCs/Ghost DCs

    For Example:
    Player 1 have 2 clients open with 2 different chars.
    Client 1 will DC, but client 2 wont DC (Wich Means its not on the players their sides.)

    Explanation Ghost DC: The DC happens but the player wont get the message 'Server disconnected'
    Explanation Random DC: The DC happens and the players get a message: 'Server disconnected'

    Those DCs can happen every 10 mins, but also can stay away for a few hours.

    The DCs are not DCing everyone at the same time, its completly random and no one will know when it will happen.

    Its kinda frustrating for those that play the game.

    People lose their parties, DC at dungeon bosses.
    Spend money on WCoins for Batteries and they get DCed at Collector fields, this waste their batteries.
    People buy scrolls of acqui and get dced before hunting the bosses.
    People DC with shops open at random times.

    The past few weeks we did report it on Discord, without a real answer or help for a fix.
    Recently we did held a discord action to gain acces for this EU server problem.
    This is why we made this topic, so please help us find this problem that causes the DCs and lets get it fixed.


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    The last couple of days have been worse. Not only with the ghost dc, but also instant random dc. Please find a solution to this problem, it ruins a good game which is sad.


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      Same problem here, its getting more worse every week.
      No matter what im doing, i get them while lvling, dungeons, collector fields, shops.


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        Thanks that u made the Thread, the issues has been there for as long as i am playing on clockworks, i am hunting bosses, i active every powerups i have including high and low acquisition scrolls, i am at the boss and BAM u dc, wasted literally 5euro of money with out even having the chance of a drop, it would be so nice if the devs could actually focus on the dcs/ghost dcs, i can't even count the countless times of me losing parties


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          everytime i run the game after 2 sec game quit
          when we go dungeon also sometimes dc
          sometimes u dc suddenly while talking to people
          and u lose ur amps and ur buffs that u use thats really bad


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            I agree with this. A few weeks i have trouble with the dc's.... The one day its worse then the other day. Its is getting pretty annoying wasting amps. Losing party. Dcing in dungeons...

            please fix it asap



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              There SERIOUSLY needs to be done some fixing with all these ghost DCs...

              Since the day I recently got back to the game from a long slumber, I've had around 15 random DCs by the past few days, and they've grown to be quite irritating. And not just that, I've lost my party a couple times as well as died for no reason because of this.

              If there is a way to fix this, it really needs to be dealt with fast. It is just pure pain and a serious inconvenience.



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                I've been having the same issue, it's always just one character at a time and a lot of the time I'm not even getting the message that I've disconnected. It's never been caused after lagging either.

                Yesterday i got kalgas down to the last bit of hp and boom dc....
                Today, literally log in, stay 2 mins, dc. Gave up after the 4th dc

                Went back on us servers and I was perfectly fine there!


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                  i have lost a few party's (one beeing lvl 220 with all points) over the past weeks because of random disconnects..first i thought it was me but several of my friends drop out same time.. the thing is yes, its ONLY a party..make a new one right...bla blub... u loose valuable time once u activated expensive cs amps and dealing with getting it back to up to link (takes few minutes, yeh yeh)..its not that it takes long..its all the fuss around it that takes time n is annoying like getting your lecher re-spawned at loadstar than get her back in everybody..its frustrating when this happens several time in a this was last week...

                  this week been even more frustrating..right cause of Drop.. u finally got the skills up n running..u enter a dungeon and BAAAAAAAM u drop out...ur on cool-down now..gotta wait until it resets again...Not to mention higher dungeons like for instance the blue metonycker where i spend great many cs-power up item to finally get him down and just before he falls BAAAAM you dc... thing is i know stuff like this can happen...once...maybe twice...but when u are experiencing alot during past days you kinda loose the mood to go hunting and waste my money on DISCONNECT! any upset yes, earlier today before i left for work..i heard the GM announcing compensation for US and German server..but what about the rest of us?

                  i work full time i try hold my party so once i get back from long day after work all windows have dc its just frustrating

                  also Ghost-DC are occurring on a regular basis DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!


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                    I am also experiencing the same issue, aswell as so many random disconnects on the CW server and have been for months..

                    I can never keep a private shop open overnight because I get d/c'ed and the amount of times I have lost lvl 100+ parties because of this is just unfair, consider I pay real money to get all my party scrolls through WCoins..


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                      There wasn't a day this week that I didn't get less than two (ghost) DC's. Happened today that I was getting something to drink and when I got back I thought everyone was fine. But when I tried to send a message after 15 minutes, it didn't send it.

                      I also need to restart on of my clients a lot after a DC because the game won't load when logging in. It always happens randomly, when I can log back in, I see multiple people getting online again like me. But never everyone.



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                        i've experience similar DCs where everything seemed to be normal i could move around see people around moving and all of a sudden i couldn't look in shops or trade..followed by a DC...after dc i need to restart client cause is bugging and not responding..also after i dc sometimes i have issues running the client only to get successful log in screen after couple of failed tries

                        Thank you for checking in on the subject


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                          The compensations on the US and DE Servers are not because of Ghost DCs. Its because some Script Kid can CDs the whole Server. On the DE Servers they had a Maintenance because of him, but coud not fix the Problem. So they decided to switch off Charakter creation until 4. Sep. But he had on Account left and
                          ​​​made trouble over the Weekend.


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                            Thank you for your concerns. This is a topic we repeatedly send to our developer, and will continue doing this.

                            So long,

                            Community Support:

                            What Player think i do.

                            What i really do.


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                              Thanks for the reply Piccolo.

                              And yes i know US and DE had to fight with other circumstances, but thats no reason to measure with 2 methods.
                              We have problems too and me personally wasting quite a bit of money LITERALLY, while leveling on Q Amps and dieing not just 1 time in Mas Dungeon because of a ghost dc.
                              And im leveling if its x2 exp or not.
                              I cant even count anymore the amount of ghost dcs per day.
                              I could handle it back in the days when u guys cut the spawns of the game with the reason that we have a smaller population now, therefor u could save on serverpower and the big mysterious missbug accured (not mysterious at all.....), but hey i could still switch my levelstyle.

                              But now really is end of the line and im sick and tired of this ********.
                              When it comes to money i pump in this game i dont know friends on the other side of the datacable, then i want SERVICE FOR MY MONEY!

                              Kick some butts over at gala or wherever this problem is related to (i personally dont care ) and let em fix it asap!

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                              • HotPepper
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                                this image i linked is what u get when u buy a premium battery in the shop for example, u come home from work and the damn bar is permanently full, how long? i dont know for hours maybe, but we all know what it means when the bar stays full and u have no disconect message.....i really have enough....really.....and sure the battery runs out after activation if u are connected OR NOT!
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