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    Trying to get my bank pin back but its not working its only letting me to select the server but not the player.. how can i fix that
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    Hey there! I have the same problem and got the following reply from the support:

    Dear player,

    Thanks for contacting the WEBZEN Customer Support team.

    You can now reset bank pins manually with the link below:

    In case you want to discuss another matter: Please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards,
    Your WEBZEN Team

    Which obviously didn't fix the problem because, as I stated in the ticket already: I can select the server but not my character.


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      Hey, did you try it with an other browser? or in an incognito session?


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        I have the same prob. Since december 12, i've had a tough time thinking/remembering my bank pin of my main account. Webzen responded with a site to reset our bank pins ourselves. But i can't seem to choose the character. And now, webzen responded to my ticket that I have to answer A LOT (as in, A LOT!) of questions about Account and security issues regarding the account to verify the real creator of the account. But to my dismay, i've sent my answers on December 14 and still counting today.
        i can't seem to believe that I, the account creator, is on the verge of hopelesness due to been waiting for the reply of webzen since december 14.
        Last edited by ISPECTRE; 17-12-17, 08:25 AM. Reason: I tried (MOD)Nyko's idea of trying it with another browser and in an incognito session. but to my dismay, it didn't solved the problem


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          Hey ISPECTRE, please give them some more time to have a look at the ticket, the will not always respond within 1 day.
          Also there office is closed in the weekends.


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            Bank pin reset is not working. Tried resetting my bank pin 4 times but when I login to my character, it still ask for the old pin. It did not ask for a new pin.


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              Originally posted by Christian1219 View Post
              Bank pin reset is not working. Tried resetting my bank pin 4 times but when I login to my character, it still ask for the old pin. It did not ask for a new pin.
              Same here! I finally got to find my old login details and login and now this happens xD when I first sent a ticket that I forgot my PIN they replied super fast giving me the link to reset it, but just like you it doesn't work and I tried guessing my old PIN but it's no use and after 3 guesses need to wait for 15 minutes.. *sigh*

              edit: I've tried creating a new character and resetting the PIN for my old character again, but now the PIN of my new character seems reset everytime I enter the game with it, I've entered a new PIN for the new character even more times than the amount of times I tried resetting the PIN of my old character, but still, my old characters PIN does not get reset no matter what I do. And besides that, I can not delete the new character. It's very strange.

              edit: My ticket concerning this issue is set on "in progress", so they are currently working on it!

              edit: They asked for my ID card to fix it. So I sent it please wait a little longer
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                phew, I got the PIN from customer support!


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                  Well, its 2019 and this problem still happening. I can't for the same reasons.


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                    The problem has been solved and you should be able to reset your bank pin from the website.